Bad Blog Etiquette, I’m Sorry

I know. I started this blog last month and banged out a handful of posts then . . . nothing.

I’ve been a bad boy and I apologize. But just because I’ve been bad doesn’t mean that I’ve been lazy. Actually, I’ve been very busy with a new aspect of publishing and overwhelmed is probably a better term, not lazy. 

At first, I thought it would only take one or two days to finish and I’d get a good post or two out of it. I was wrong. It took over a month and I’m still not done, which means I now have a series of posts to do.

So yeah, I’m back, but before I get into my first posting series, I think I’m going to explore a fun idea that just came to me. I’ll work on it this morning and maybe a little in the afternoon if needed.

Here’s a hint: World Series seventh game.

Keep an eye out.

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