A Graduating Pledge

So by chance, and when I say by chance, I’m talking another random bus driver thought: I remembered that I hadn’t seen the video of the Islamist girl reciting her version of a pledge of allegiance — I just did.

I’m appalled. This is a Judeo/Christian nation founded under GOD, not Buddha, Krishna, and especially not Allah. Neither is ever referenced nor is any other deity even hinted at by our founding fathers. The wording of our pledge is purposefully unambiguous. It is the pledge citizens make to this country freely, willingly, and responsibly. It is precisely the reason why after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public, an individual anywhere in the United States of America can go to a place of their choosing and worship any higher power they prefer; or none at all. But lest they forget, it is under GOD that they do so.

By definition, altering the words of a pledge makes a different pledge. I don’t know what she pledged to or about, but she did not pledge her allegiance to the United States of America; because she never said the pledge.

There’s an argument regarding the word Allah as being Arabic for GOD, therefore it’s permissible. I reject this out of hand because she didn’t say the entire pledge in Arabic and the reason is obvious. The Pledge of Allegiance was penned in English; for it to be a pledge, it must be recited in English, every time.

There is a more insidious aspect to this whole scenario, one that isn’t being addressed. Apparently, Abrar Omeish, a school board member said during her commencement speech that students should remember their Jihad against white supremacy, capitalism, individualism, and racism.

I have only one question. Why are our tax dollars funding this? In GOD’s America, she has every right to say what she wants, but I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

As a side note:

Imagine what would happen to you if, in front graduating students at Tehran University, you recited their equivalent to our pledge but inserted the word GOD in place of Allah. Do masked men, butcher knives and American necks ring a bell?

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