If you’re from the Algemeiner

A Little about me…

I’m a college-educated, divorced, middle-aged, white guy, whose squandered potential has been reduced to that of a simple bus driver trying to find …

Oh—you probably didn’t mean that stuff.

You want to know why I write; what I’ve written in the past; what I plan to write further down the road, and it wouldn’t hurt for me to give a few good reasons why you should let me submit in the first place.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. NO! I didn’t major in journalism or even English literature. If you call what I do writing, then I learned how to do it the old-fashioned way, by doing. Quaint isn’t it?

I’ve written and published two books (there’s a ton of stuff I haven’t published). For more insight into these, you can visit my website, www.LDavydPollack.com . As for what I’ll write in the future—this can best be described as random bus driver thoughts regarding current events. Examples of these pontifications can be found on my blog, www.Davydsblog.com .

Now, a reason or two for letting me submit my intellectual dribble. Driving a bus has exposed me to a side of humanity, most of which is blissfully ignorant to what’s going on in the world unless of course, it means free money. Knowing that the homeless exist is one thing, interacting with them on a daily basis is quite another. As impactful as it is, they rarely change my opinion on topics, but they do, on occasion, provide detours in thought that influence my posts. Also, allowing me to submit on a regular basis gives me a really good reason to renew my expired Grammarly subscription.

In closing, facebook has made it clear that if I want to express my opinions, I should do it somewhere else. That somewhere is my blog. But I’m a nobody with virtually no exposure. If you find my posts relevant, thought-provoking and entertaining, your invitation to submit would be an honor.


L. Davyd Pollack

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