What’s an Abortion, Anyway?

It sounds like a simple question, but I think there’s an underlying designed to aggravate and agitate. Semantics aside, it is a deliberate act resulting in death that is not an act of self-defense. It is perpetrated against the most innocent and by any other name, is 1st-degree murder.

Hewww! That was rough for me and I’m an adult. Imagine telling this to a six or seven-year-old child; you know, the thing we call survivors of abortion. Well. There’s a children’s book invading our public libraries, and soon your child’s school library, that has a stated claim of creating a world where abortion is normalized for children and adults.

It’s titled, “What’s an Abortion Anyway?” and in all honesty, if I have to explain to you the inappropriateness of an endeavor such as this, you’re lost beyond the point that my mere words can remedy. So I won’t even try. I’ll use their words:

“What’s an Abortion, Anyway?”

Is a medically accurate, non-

judgmental, and gender-

inclusive resource for young folks

about abortion care. In this book,

you’ll learn about what an abortion is,

some of the reasons people have

abortions and a few of the ways people

might feel about their abortions.

The last sentence in their blurb begs the question, what about people who share my definition and feelings about the subject? Do you think non-judgmental and gender-inclusive refers to us?

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a fellow Bus Drive about a month ago. He was very adamant and succinct when he described a woman becoming pregnant as a contract. Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, a woman has the sole gift to bring forth life and therefore the responsibility to follow through on her contract with that life. Birth control happens before pregnancy and again, is largely but not exclusively, the responsibility of the one charged with giving life. If you want to argue that a man has to assume equal responsibility, then he should be afforded equal rights in the contract, including the right to defend the life of his baby at all costs.

Where has the sense of responsibility in our society gone? We are supposed to feel and be responsible for everyone else, “It takes a village (to raise a child)” I think somebody with a vagina originally said that. I guess she forgot the qualifier, as long as you’ve passed through the birth canal or were removed by cesarean section.

If this isn’t a wake-up call to the deviance and soulless destruction the woke-left is leading us towards, I don’t know what is.

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