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So it’s July 4th, 2021 and like many who think it’s necessary to express their opinion, I too, planned on writing a tribute to this great nation of ours. But then, I looked out my window and saw the jungle I call a backyard and realized priorities might need adjusting. The decision was made. If I wait until my next day off, I’ll need a bulldozer, not a mower. Yet here I am, writing a post when I should be outside mowing pubescent jungle. Why? Because inspiration to a writer is like an urge to procreate is to rabbits. No more be said.

Where did such a powerful inspiration come from? In a vain attempt to acquire the motivation to mow, I drank two cups of coffee in succession. It wasn’t working so I had another. During the process, I turned on the TV and Kudlow: America the Great, came on. It was a random morning thing, just background noise while I drank java. But Larry (Kudlow) kept reiterating during the show that there were levels of priority for our founding fathers.

The first level: God and the inalienable rights given to all men and women (whether stated or implied).

The second: People, who by their nature of being; receive, pursue, and exercise these rights to the best of their given ability whether they believe in God or not.

The third: A limited representative government, given only enough authority by consent of the people, to establish and maintain the order necessary to promote the first two priorities.

Powerful inspiration indeed: the government works for the people.

This is the America we need to get back to. There is no guarantee of equal income. There is no guarantee of equal success. I should know: I’m a writer making a living as a bus driver. Yet, I still spend a lot of time writing.

If I lived under a socialist or communist (the grown-up version) government, I would expect to be satisfied with my station as a bus driver because it would be a requirement. Pursuit of any other vocation is a waste of time: those jobs belong to others, and everybody works for the government. Why write?

I write because I don’t live under a socialist or communist government, at least not yet. Only in the United States of America can a writer who makes a living as a bus driver, express his thoughts with constitutional authority.  I write because I dream of being a writer knowing full well that achievement is not guaranteed. The only guarantee is the inalienable right, regardless of probability, to someday make my dream my reality.

God bless America.

Now I gotta mow 😦

Thought I was exaggerating ?

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