Bilateral Biden

Yeah! I know what you’re thinking. Policy. Liberal policy.

And if you are then there’s plenty for you to lament about. But that isn’t the real story here. First, for those residing in Reo Linda (to borrow a term from the late great Rush), bilateral means both sides, right and left.

So if I’m not talking about Biden’s policy, which is far left and by definition cannot be bilateral, then what am I talking about. Well, back in 1988, then-Senator Joe Biden had what can only be described in layman’s terms as a modern-day Bilateral Frontal Lobotomy. It was a procedure to correct aneurysms in arteries supplying blood to his brain. In February of that year doctors operated on Biden’s left side, in May they did the right.

We can argue how effective these procedures actually were later on. But what needs to be addressed now (and what no one is talking about) are the long-term side effects. I think the questions need to be asked. Is senility a side effect of his surgeries? If so, when was it detected?

My point is this. Even if Joe’s impaired mental health is not caused by the surgeries, it’s still an ever-increasing fact that his family knew about or should have known about. His first six months in office is all the evidence a casual observer needs. Subjecting him to a presidential race was not only detrimental to his well-being; it represents a clear and present danger to the well-being of this country, and the world. His family and all those working closely with the campaign need to be brought up on charges of elder abuse and federal charges of treason.

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