Socks Before Shoes

Is Biden smarter than a first-grader?

Prologue: I’ve been noticeably absent from posting lately. In the past, it would be attributed to my becoming lazy, but that isn’t the case this time. It’s because I’ve been fighting off the dastardly Covid-19 variant D (for Democrat). My intention was to reenter the blogosphere by posting about my experience and to disseminate a lot of the information the mainstream and social media giants are trying to censor. But my priorities have changed as only they should, when the lives of so many others need to come first.

Socks Before Shoes

Do you remember when your four-year-old put on shoes first, and then socks? If you don’t then you remember something similar and just as odd. Your child does this for two reasons. The first is humor. Your four-year-old knows it’s wrong and the logic incongruity is what makes it funny; your child is consciously aware of this fact and therefore, motivated. The second reason your four-year-old does this is curiosity. He or she wants to confirm that it isn’t right to put socks over shoes. By experimenting and observing your reaction as a parent, a child gets this confirmation, and learns. The first attempt usually results in laughter, as it should. Any subsequent attempts — not so much … Regardless, by the time our kid goes to first grade, socks come first, then shoes. It’s a fact.

As an adult, we can use life experiences and the lessons that we learned as a child, to work our way through real-world situations. I don’t have to be a military strategist and I don’t even need a military background to know that the current retreat from Afghanistan is all wrong. As a civilian, I don’t need the alphabet soup agencies (NSA, DOD, CIA, etc.) to advise me of this fact. As a free-thinking adult American, I can look at a military situation such as Afghanistan and know intuitively, you remove all Americans and SIV (special immigration visa) applicants before you remove your ability to defend them. It’s a fact.

President Joe Biden (said as I choke and gag), I have one rhetorical question for you. Are you smarter than a first-grader?

And now, to make things worse. According to the State Department website: The Emergency Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021, as enacted on July 30, 2021, authorized 8,000 additional Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) for Afghan principal applicants, for a total of 34,500 visas allocated since December 19, 2014. SIVs include Afghan allies and their family members. This process was started over six years ago. Why are Americans and our allies still in Afghanistan with absolutely no means of defense? The ESSAA of 2021 is prima facie evidence of a promise. If you help us, we will help you. This isn’t just a promise our country made — it’s a promise you and I made as American Citizens who supposedly elected our representative government. We made this promise to our Afghan allies.

The Biden administration is inept: we need no more examples. The current President is an unadulterated embarrassment to every American today and for decades to come. It’s time we do something about it.

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