FFPR, A Little Something Different

Good News for a Change

Portrait of a Florida panther in Charlotte County, Florida.

Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge

Some estimates as low as 80 -100 still exist, most endangered species.

Blog Post Warning: the following is not going to sound like a bus driver bloviating. Instead, I’ll be using my author’s voice.

During the course of researching a particularly unique subplot in my novel, I came across an organization that was actively doing its best to help save the Florida panther. For years it seemed the fight was futile as numbers continued to decline. The challenges facing panthers and their looming extinction are numerous. Here are a few to consider: loss of habitat, vehicle strikes on Florida highways, birth defects (inbreeding), feline leukemia, and reduced viability due to fewer healthy panthers rarely coming in contact with each other during breeding cycles.

As the battle continues, small victories lead to larger ones and relentless tenacity can force a change in tides. Like the work that’s being done to save the panther, unrelenting persistence is a key theme that threads through my novel. Raymond Pollard (PNTP protagonist by nature) has a coincidental and seemingly small connection to the Florida panther that has a direct and long-lasting impact on his life. Not the least of which is the shared necessity to win small battles in preparation for what’s to come.

But this post isn’t about my book. It’s about the successful battles in the fight to protect one of Florida’s last native species. With good work and perseverance, the tides of defeat can change. Here’s the proof. Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge posted this on facebook.


P S – The father of these cubs survived being hit by a car.

PPS – I promote the cause with more than words.

PPPS – For those in Rio Linda, FFPR = Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge.

PPPPS – Also for those in RL, PNTP = Positives & Negatives, Tricycles & Pancakes.

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