NYPD Officer — Shot in the line of duty and another clinging to life…..

There’s a Disturbing Agenda

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NYPD officer Jason Rivera and his partner Wilbert Mora were fired upon by Lashawn McNeil while responding to a domestic disturbance. The mother (who called the police) made no mention of the weapon her son possessed. Was this a setup? Who knows but … Officer Rivera was killed and officer Mora is clinging to life.

Once again, a piece of human excrement, Lashawn McNeil, was not incarcerated like he should’ve been and now officer Rivera will never live the life he dreamed—our condolences and prayers to his family and friends—our prayers for a speedy and complete recovery to officer Mora.

Officer Rivera
Officer Mora

You can read more about the story here: NYPD cop killed, second officer clings to life after shooting in Harlem apartment (nypost.com)

Why is this happening?

There is only one answer that I can think of to explain the lunacy of the left. I’ve talked about this before, and it seems as though I’m the only one. But here it is again.

In the United States of America, policing of the civilian population falls under the jurisdiction of local police departments. It is a highly decentralized system and as such, can’t be controlled by Washington and its (unelected) bureaucrats. This is a huge problem for liberals, progressives, and the communist party in America.

But what if you can disrupt the current system to a point where the people cry out for Federal help? Well, the FBI steps in. Now, the Fed controls national and local law enforcement; this bears repeating. Listen to me carefully; The Fed Will Control All Law Enforcement. And of course, who controls the Fed? Unelected government bureaucrats, The Swamp, that’s who.

Consider this as your possible future.

You buy your son a dog for his birthday. It’s a beautiful Golden Labrador but there’s a problem, it needs space to run and play. You anticipated this and contracted a company to build a fence around your yard. The contractor pulled all the permits and the fence is legal. You keep your son and his dog on our property as specified by government mandate.

Your neighbor is the City Director of the FBI and he was in his backyard grilling burgers when your son took his new dog out to play. At first, because of the excitement of the moment, the dog barked at your neighbor. The barking was short-lived. The dog quickly lost interest in your neighbor and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with your son. That was on Sunday.

Monday, you go into work as usual and pick up where you left off last Friday. Suddenly, your boss calls you into her office. She lays down the law in no uncertain terms. There’s a complaint about your dog and if you don’t get rid of it immediately, you’ll need to find another job. Under no circumstances will she allow her department to go through another FBI compliance audit.

You have no choice and Monday night, you break your son’s heart. Something he will remember for the rest of his life.

Think this is just another example of Davyd writing fiction? Ask someone who escaped Cuba in the 60’s.

Freedom is worth fighting for, but only to those willing to fight. The time is now.

2 thoughts on “NYPD Officer — Shot in the line of duty and another clinging to life…..

  1. Wow this a horrible situation . My heart goes out to those officers who protect us all while they put their lives on the line everyday! My heart goes out the families of those brave men.


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