Biden’s Election, Putin’s War

Biden forgot his own rules.

The events in Ukraine remind me of the 2020 election in many ways. There are rules for the proper implementation of a fair election. There are rules for the proper implementation of war.

By now, it should be clear to you that the only reason Biden is your president is because the democrats broke election laws and cheated the American people out of a fair and honest election. Why? They did it because that was the only way they could win.

Putin is conducting war in Ukraine; he is bombing schools, hospitals, civilians in flight, civilian infrastructure, nuclear power plants, and now, journalists. He has already used vacuum bombs. Individually and collectively, these are war crimes. He is breaking all the rules because Ukraine is fighting back regardless of American assistance, and Russia hasn’t won, not yet. He has threatened escalation in the past, acted upon it, and will do it again without hesitation. Putin doesn’t take Biden seriously as a leader, which only encourages him to make more threats. These are not opinions; these are facts.


Biden is an incompetent leader. That is also a fact. He was supposed to be a unifier; look what we got. He was supposed to be experienced in diplomacy; look what we got. He was supposed to be tough (remember Corn-Pop and taking Trump behind the shed for a beating); look what we got.

Trump is the enemy! Putin and Xi are insignias just like the Uraniums

Putin can’t lose because if he does, he’ll be prosecuted for war crimes. If we send jets to Ukraine and establish a no-fly zone, then Putin threatens Biden with chemical, biological, and nuclear escalation leading to WWIII. As far as Putin is concerned, it’s just another war crime. What does he have to lose? And what does the Pansy in the Whitehouse do? He backs down. Why? Because Putin is conducting WWIII right now, regardless of Joe Biden’s attempts at appeasement.  

And winning is the only option— just like the democrats in 2020.

It’s Time to Pick up Ukraine’s Books

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine, a Grade School Memory

Makariv: Destruction 30 miles west of Kyiv_031222

Putin’s war reminds me of an incident in grade school that I completely forgot about until two weeks ago. I’ll tell you about it in a moment. But first, for those who don’t already know, my home life as a child wasn’t spectacular. As a result, there were times when I really wanted to hit someone, anyone, and this was one of those days. All I needed was an excuse. That said.

Darin was a kid who, for no good reason, we all kind of shunned. He was quiet, maybe a little shy, and for the most part, kept to himself. He had no friends that I knew of. Not that I was a social rock star or anything, but I had my buds. In his defense, he wasn’t from the area; his family moved in maybe a year earlier, and fitting in takes time.

School was out for the day and I was walking a round-about way home because home wasn’t where I particularly wanted to be. As I walked I saw a group of kids down the street. I heard shouting and it sounded like there was going to be a fight so I picked up my pace. But when I got there, I remember being disappointed.

It wasn’t a fight. It was just some kid that I didn’t know, probably from a different school, he was picking on Darin. I was disappointed because I didn’t think there would be a fight. Darin didn’t seem the type. Then, out of the blue, opportunity struck. The bully pushed Darin to the ground. His books went flying. When Darin tried to get to his feet, the bully pushed him back down. This repeated too many times.

Eventually, someone had to do something. I picked up Darin’s stuff. “Hey! Don’t help him!”

I went to give Darin his books because to his credit, he wouldn’t stay down. Then, I got pushed from behind. I didn’t fall and I didn’t drop anything. I handed Darin his books and felt the exhilaration that comes with impending release. It took all day, but finally, I was going to get my fight.

That day was a lesson in disappointment, frustration, and anger management. The bully and his two friends ran away as soon as I turned to face them. I don’t know why. I was ready to explode and was really looking forward to it. Suddenly, I had no excuse, no reason to hit anyone. Life really isn’t fair.

Darin and I started walking together. He was going home; I was going anywhere but home. When we got to his apartment, I remember his mother being very nice and thanking me a lot. I didn’t know why. I was looking for a fight, not a friend. On the inside, I still wanted to hit someone; on the outside, I smiled to hide my angst.

She made us sandwiches for a snack. At home, the only time I ever got a sandwich after school was when I made it myself. I remember hanging out with Darin for the rest of the afternoon and he turned out to be an OK kid. We never became close friends because his family moved away shortly after the incident. But I think I would’ve liked hanging out with him.

Moral of the story:

Putin is a bully and it’s time for America to pick up Ukraine’s books.

Lesson to the World:

Don’t give up your Nukes.

The fall of Russia in 1991 led to several smaller independent nation-states with stockpiles of Russian-made nuclear weapons. The UN, led by the United States, wanted to reduce nuclear proliferation and negotiated treaties with these nations.

In 1994, Ukraine was assured by Russia, The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the United States of America, that its borders and sovereignty would be respected if Ukraine surrendered its nukes. The document securing this commitment is called The Budapest Memorandum.

The Budapest Memorandum: volume-3007-I-52241.pdf (

Putin has broken the word of Russia. Russia is a despot nation run by oligarchs and sociopaths. It could easily be argued that in Russia, there is no distinction between the two. For Vladimir Putin to do what he has done, first in Crimea, and now the whole of Ukraine, should surprise no one. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise President Trump.

I once heard an account of a phone call between Putin and Trump. I’m paraphrasing (I think), but Trump said point-blank: You move on Ukraine, I will hit Moscow. Trump hung up the phone.

Trump also made a phone call to the leader of the Russian-backed Taliban, or was it Al-Qaeda? Anyway, Trump said to the Mullah (and again I paraphrase), If you don’t dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ regarding the rules I’ve set forth, I will hit you harder than you have ever been hit before. He then emailed a real-time picture of the location where the terrorist was hiding and hung up the phone.

Putin did nothing against Ukraine, and for over 18 months not a single soldier was killed in Afghanistan.

Can you imagine Biden making those calls? Of course not! That’s why we had the Afghanistan surrender and it’s why we’re closer than ever to World War III in Europe.

Putin knows America is weak. America and therefore, the UN, has no spine and won’t abide by its word.

Oh. And don’t try to Barbra Streisand me with sanctions? Sanctions are like seizing Russian luxury yachts, they are both meaningless acts. We buy over half a million barrels of oil (currently $110.00/Barrel) from Putin every day including today. That’s over $55,000,000 per day. He’s getting his money somehow. Sanctions and yachts are as big a joke as Joe Biden is.

It’s a bad joke and Ukrainians are dying because of it.

Lesson to the world: don’t ever give up your nukes, especially if the UN and the USA say they have your back. A joint venture UN no-fly zone should have been established the instant Putin crossed Ukraine’s border —– during the Crimea invasion, 2014. A no-fly zone is six years too late.

Barack Hussein Obama 

aka Barry Obama

Does this guy strike you as someone you can trust?

The UN had a responsibility to take action in 2014 (read the letter confirming the Memorandum).

The UN letter confirming the memorandum: s_1994_1399.pdf (

In closing. We as a nation should be embarrassed.

Peace on Earth,

requires a strong United States.

The world is closer than ever to an all-encompassing war.

And where in the world is Joe Biden? Not in the Whitehouse.

As of the writing of this post, Joe (let’s go Brandon) Biden is sleeping like a baby in Delaware and dreaming of his morning oatmeal and …


Just a quick point.

If President Trump was where he should be right now, the people of Ukraine would be enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning, and so would the rest of the world. Instead, through Biden’s ineptitude, we are heading full-throttle towards another world war.

Imagine if President Donald J. Trump decided to spend the weekend in the Free State of Florida instead of the oval office during times like these. The headlines would be relentless and scathingly critical.

… and Joe Biden

In the United States, the press plays an important part in the people’s ability to supervise its government, not the other way around. The hypocrisy of our lamestream press is beyond words. Their collective culpability should be criminal and prosecutable under dereliction of duty to this country, and at this point, the world.

It’s been said countless times before, but rarely heard. Peace on earth requires a strong USA.

After the events of the past two weeks, is there really any doubt?