Lesson to the World:

Don’t give up your Nukes.

The fall of Russia in 1991 led to several smaller independent nation-states with stockpiles of Russian-made nuclear weapons. The UN, led by the United States, wanted to reduce nuclear proliferation and negotiated treaties with these nations.

In 1994, Ukraine was assured by Russia, The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the United States of America, that its borders and sovereignty would be respected if Ukraine surrendered its nukes. The document securing this commitment is called The Budapest Memorandum.

The Budapest Memorandum: volume-3007-I-52241.pdf (un.org)

Putin has broken the word of Russia. Russia is a despot nation run by oligarchs and sociopaths. It could easily be argued that in Russia, there is no distinction between the two. For Vladimir Putin to do what he has done, first in Crimea, and now the whole of Ukraine, should surprise no one. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise President Trump.

I once heard an account of a phone call between Putin and Trump. I’m paraphrasing (I think), but Trump said point-blank: You move on Ukraine, I will hit Moscow. Trump hung up the phone.

Trump also made a phone call to the leader of the Russian-backed Taliban, or was it Al-Qaeda? Anyway, Trump said to the Mullah (and again I paraphrase), If you don’t dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ regarding the rules I’ve set forth, I will hit you harder than you have ever been hit before. He then emailed a real-time picture of the location where the terrorist was hiding and hung up the phone.

Putin did nothing against Ukraine, and for over 18 months not a single soldier was killed in Afghanistan.

Can you imagine Biden making those calls? Of course not! That’s why we had the Afghanistan surrender and it’s why we’re closer than ever to World War III in Europe.

Putin knows America is weak. America and therefore, the UN, has no spine and won’t abide by its word.

Oh. And don’t try to Barbra Streisand me with sanctions? Sanctions are like seizing Russian luxury yachts, they are both meaningless acts. We buy over half a million barrels of oil (currently $110.00/Barrel) from Putin every day including today. That’s over $55,000,000 per day. He’s getting his money somehow. Sanctions and yachts are as big a joke as Joe Biden is.

It’s a bad joke and Ukrainians are dying because of it.

Lesson to the world: don’t ever give up your nukes, especially if the UN and the USA say they have your back. A joint venture UN no-fly zone should have been established the instant Putin crossed Ukraine’s border —– during the Crimea invasion, 2014. A no-fly zone is six years too late.

Barack Hussein Obama 

aka Barry Obama

Does this guy strike you as someone you can trust?

The UN had a responsibility to take action in 2014 (read the letter confirming the Memorandum).

The UN letter confirming the memorandum: s_1994_1399.pdf (securitycouncilreport.org)

In closing. We as a nation should be embarrassed.

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