New York Shame

When is It, Not an It?

 (Please bear with me on this; it was a very difficult post to write.)

When Does Life End and Murder Begin?

In the State of New York, abortion is legal until the moment of birth. I’m not an OBGYN, but it seems to me that late-term abortion is similar to a caesarian section. When a section is performed, a live baby is removed from the mother and lives. When a late-term abortion is performed, a live baby is removed from the mother and dies?

If a living human being is terminated by the act of another just before birth and then removed from the mother, isn’t that murder? If a live baby is partially removed from the mother and then terminated, isn’t that murder? Is a nine-month-old baby placed on a countertop to die from hypothermia a murder victim?

I have more questions.

Is the difference between a caesarian section and an abortion tantamount to murder for hire? If not, why?

Is a baby alive at conception?

Is it alive in the first trimester?  

Is a baby alive in the second trimester?

Is it alive in the third trimester?

When does a fetus become a baby? When is a baby not an it?

Why is it necessary for me to have to ask these questions?

Is it a baby yet?

When does Life End and Murder begin?

Doctors, do no harm???

What happened to common sense? Doctors, what happened to your sense of decency? What happened to your Hippocratic Oath?

Tell me, New York, at what point in life does an embryo, a fetus, or a baby feel pain?

I have a question for the Supreme Court.

When is it, not an it?

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