The City of Orlando, 2022

Announces its July 4th festivities … really?

Well, well, the true state of Orlando governance is finally exposed.

It’s not that something like this is misplaced and completely inappropriate; the problem is, someone, and probably many someones, thought that it wasn’t.

Check it out for yourself. Just like Disney used to be the funnest place on Earth, I guess Orlando City Hall is the wokest.

The fact that they needed to make an apology in the first place says it all. But look carefully at the wording, “some in the community … some of our residents”, are they truly sorry??? How about changing the word SOME to MOST, if not all?

City of Orlando apologizes about Fourth of July statement (

City Hall is no place to Mickey Mouse around.

One last thought. On this day of true significance to the United States of America, and the world, please put aside the nonsense from the left and enjoy the July 4th Holiday. The 4th is for America. Afterward, remember what was said by the city of Orlando and like-minded progressive politicians everywhere. These are people who truly hate America. Vote accordingly.

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