Trump Won

I spoke to a Billionaire, about the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

So how does a lowly bus driver know a billionaire? That’s an excellent question, but the answer is a long, drawn-out story that won’t fit in a post.

That said. I was curious about his take on what happened, and I thought you might be too. The conversation went like this.

We were talking on the phone (old school), no Skype or Zoom, so all I heard was a pregnant pause when I asked about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Then, “Well, you have to admire the man.”

“Sure. He’s a billionaire, a former President, who by the way, won his first political race ever, by becoming President. People conveniently forget that.” I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a fan.

“I’m not talking about the obvious. I’m talking about what I admire, not what everyone else should admire.”

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I’m just a bus driver. “OK, I’ll bite.”

“I first heard about it when my assistant called.”

“Yeah, that’s how I found out too.” Just for the record, that was sarcasm; I do not have an assistant.

He ignored me and continued. “I didn’t know what to make of it at first. I’ll tell you this: if it happened to me, I wouldn’t have leaked it until after I figured out what was going on. I think Trump announced it as it happened.”

“Well, Trump was the most transparent President we ever had. It only makes sense.”

“No. It only makes sense if you have a plan. That’s what I admire. Trump is playing chess, and when the DOJ made their move, Trump countered, ‘Check’. Did you see Merrick Garland’s face during that press conference? It was days after the raid and Garland looked like a beat dog. If things had gone his way, he’d be smirking like a Cheshire cat.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” But obviously, your assistant doesn’t read my blog or you’d already know. The rest of you can catch up later, see

I had to frame my next question carefully. Why? Because I know how long these conversations last, and time was running short. “So if Trump had a plan, what was it, and what was the endgame?”

“To answer that, you need to know that the DOJ had two objectives. The first was to gather as much incriminating evidence on whatever might be there, just in case it was there, waiting to be found. It didn’t matter what it was. The evidence would be used to get an indictment that could negatively influence the upcoming midterms. That’s why they did it when they did, right on the 90-day limit for investigations before an election. But it isn’t why the FBI shipped in Washington agents rather than use the local field office.”

I forgot about that. “Why did they?”

“Because of the second objective. And this is actually the most important. The election is looking bad for them and the DOJ has legal culpability like you wouldn’t believe. It extends far and wide. Plus, it isn’t limited to the DOJ. There are a lot of department heads, from various government agencies, all wanting to know what Trump has on them before it’s too late. The Mar-a-Lago raid was a fishing expedition. That explains the broad warrant and the redacted affidavit. But they came up empty.”

“That’s a good thing, right?”

Sometimes billionaires use too many pregnant pauses. “Look, this is just my perspective, and I don’t know much more than anyone else, but that raid was a bold move, and it reeks of desperation. I think they were trying to find out if whatever Trump has, is worth an assassination attempt.”

“No way!” Did the thought ever occur to me? Yes. Did I dismiss it immediately? Yes. But when someone else says it, the thought becomes instantly real. Too real.

He went on, “We’ve been living in a third-world country since Biden took office. Why wouldn’t they do what third-world countries do? They got nothing from the raid except a slap in the face. They’re more desperate than ever.”

“Who do you think will come out on top, Trump or the Deep State?”

“I have to go now. I have calls waiting. Good talking to you Davyd.”

Same here.”

The call ended.

I know that seemed a little abrupt, but here’s something you need to understand. I don’t call billionaires on the phone. There’s one billionaire who calls me. Actually, it’s his assistant who does the calling part. Also, I work 40 hours a week (not including OT), which means when I talk on the phone, my time isn’t even worth 50 cents a minute. I think I heard somewhere that Bill Gates earns 7,160 dollars per minute. Obviously, I take what I can get.

When you look like this, you better earn 7,160 dollars per minute. 😊

Biden’s College Loan Forgiveness

Master’s Degree and Mortgages

I woke up this morning to the news of Biden’s college loan forgiveness program. Ugh, my reaction was visceral, and here’s why. I went to college, I borrowed money, I worked while attending class, and when I graduated, I got a job and paid every penny back because I said I would. My word means something and has value.

With the Biden Administration crowing about low unemployment, low gas prices, reduced inflation, and the improving economy, why are they forgiving hundreds of billions in college loan debt? It’s confusing to say the least. I needed a little clarification, and who should come to my rescue? None other than the immortal and all-knowing Susan Rice.

Bus Driver Warning: The gobbledygook goes on for more than an hour. You only need to listen to the first twelve minutes (or so).

(929) White House answers questions on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan | full video – YouTube

Focused by conservative lensing and forged through years of bus driver experience, my takeaway from Susan’s scholarly explanation was straightforward and simple.

If I have to pay for someone else’s Master’s Degree, then someone with a Master’s Degree (or higher) needs to pay for my mortgage.

Keep in mind, I’m a prime example of what she’s talking about; a college graduate working in the Biden economy as a bus driver with no viable means to pay off my debt.

Dr. Susan Rice (Ph.D. Philosophy), or better yet, Dr. Jill Biden (Ed.D. Education), my mortgage is due on the 15th. Guys, don’t worry, I live within my means (to the best of my ability) so my home isn’t extravagant. The bank needs $1,894.38 per month for the next 30 years, give or take. I’ve never been late, so I don’t know the penalties, but I’m sure they’re steep. Remember, the payment is due on or before the 15th.

Here’s a helpful financial hint for whoever decides to pick up the ball and run with it. You can save yourself a lot of money if you pay off the loan in its entirety. You’ll save on interest, insurance, and TAXES too. One low payment of only $221,193.07 and your financial responsibility to me, and my family, will be satisfied forever. Think about it … it makes cents. 😊

PS – Lest you think this is a farce. Here’s a list of supporting topics from Heritage Action:

Will Cause Inflation here  and here

Benefits top half of income earners, at expense of bottom half earners.

Benefits Educational Industrial Complex

It’s an election year gimmick

Sue, Jill, thank you in advance for your progressive and completely woke generosity.

Title IX, America Needs Her Schools Back

Just say NO to Biden’s Title IX rule change.

Biden’s Title IX revision opens the door to all sorts of safety concerns and sets women’s rights back to before Susan B. Anthony.

From the start, I think it’s important to keep things as simple as we can. Allowing the gobbledygook that the left uses as diversionary doubletalk just wastes time. So let’s stop allowing it. Here’s an example.

Bus Driver Calculus:

XX chromosomes equal female (XX=female).

XY chromosomes equal male (XY=male).

The math couldn’t be simpler.

Our schools are where children go to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY. When it’s time to use the restroom, they need only two choices, Boys or Girls. When they compete in sports during PE (physical education for those in Rio Linda), or try out for team sports, they need the same two choices, Boys or Girls. It has worked for eons and doesn’t need fixing.

Honestly, the fact that we’re having this conversation is strong evidence that the US Department of Education needs to go away. And there are many more US Departments in serious need of extinction too, but we’ll explore those agencies in future posts. For now, let’s just KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Jessica Anderson and Janae Stracke of Heritage Action hosted a Parental Rights Symposium. It’s taken the left years to infiltrate our schools, but we don’t have that luxury. Act now.

Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action.  (Aesthetic Images Photography.)

PS – Until you reach the age of majority, any permanent physical alterations should be illegal unless we’re talking about progressive, life-threatening diseases, like cancer. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder; it should not be treated surgically or with hormone therapy in minors.

Personally, I think this would be a good legal parameter for tattoos as well. Sixteen is too young, but that’s for another post as well.

Bumper Sticker of the Month


Sadly, it’s not even remarkable or noteworthy when a driver cuts in front of my bus right as I’m braking for a stop light. Usually, it’s the driver of a Smart Car (see what I did there), but not always.

The other day as I was bringing my 42,000-pound commercial vehicle to a stop, the driver of an old ½-ton Ford pickup cuts in front of me, shorting my braking distance by at least twenty feet. But I’m an experienced professional, so the stop was made safely without anyone onboard ever noticing.

While waiting at the light, I started to read the bumper stickers in front of me. Only one was worth mentioning.

I dont need Google my wife knows everything auto car funny decal graphic sticker | eBay

Why was this one interesting? Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the pickup driver was a woman. Putting aside the LGBT (LMNOP+) stuff for a long moment, maybe the Wife needs to go to driving school, you know, truth in advertising.

President Trump, Merrick Garland, and Ray Pollard

Where’s the stupid?

I’m going to open this post with a statement that I think we can all agree upon. Nobody becomes a billionaire, and stays a billionaire, by being stupid.

Attorney General Merrick Garland

Did you see Garland’s face during his recent press release regarding the raid on Mar-a-Lago? He looked (and sounded) as though he was forcing his words while defending the actions of the DOJ and FBI. His feigned sincerity about holding firm to the concept of equal application of the law was on full display. I don’t think there’s a rational human being over the age of twenty-one that believed him (including Merrick). But for those who still don’t get it, here are two names not being treated equally under the law, Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. The DOJ, along with the FBI, have more than enough evidence to pursue indictments yet nary a prosecution exists … There’s some stupid.

Uh-Oh. What did I do now? (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Back to the mannerisms of Garland during the Mar-a-Lago raid presser, he didn’t look like a man uncomfortable with lying to the American public. No. He’s perfectly comfortable with lying. He also didn’t look to me like a man upset about the failure of the DOJ or FBI. Political bureaucrats like Merrick make a career out of failure (see anything Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.).

To me, Merrick Garland has the unmistakable look of a man who considers himself one of the smartest men in the room, a sophisticated aristocrat, and a man who just got publically duped … I see some more stupid here.

Classic Trump ready to fight

(906) FULL MAGA RALLY: President Trump in Grand Rapids, MI – YouTube

President Donald J. Trump

President Trump lacks sophistication, an aristocratic pedigree, and a vocabulary that makes him sound smart. For average Americans, these are refreshing qualities that the Deep State finds repugnant. Trump isn’t the type to spend his evening sipping martinis on 5th Avenue while debating the value of Leninist/Marxism (modern communism), the new world order of ESG (Environmental Social Governance), and CRT (Critical Race Theory) in public schools. Oh, and let’s not forget your son’s right to compete in female sports.

President Trump promotes American values for America, American capitalism, American nationalism (a good thing), and that’s what he talks about. He speaks of making America safe again. He speaks of making America strong again. He speaks about Making America Great Again.

But DJT isn’t just about talk. Keep in mind, that before President Trump ever took office, his list of accomplishments far outweighed anything Merrick Garland ever did or ever attempted to do. Need proof? Trump was, and still is, a billionaire … Not much stupid here.

That brings us to the last name on this list.

No current pictures of Raymond Pollard are available.

Ray Pollard

Raymond Pollard is a billionaire that you never heard of and probably won’t hear about again. In his world, anonymity is crucial and completely by design. Like DJT, Ray (don’t call him Raymond), lacks an aristocratic lineage, he’s only as sophisticated as his last cigar, and if he counted his money, fingers and toes wouldn’t be adequate to tally the billions.

Ray never attended Wharton, but that wouldn’t serve him well because he never intended to be a billionaire. Education can originate anywhere. Take for example college, where you learn to THINK like everyone else. Then, there are trade schools where you learn to DO like everyone else. And then, there is life, where if you pay attention, you learn to do things your way.

If Ray ran for President and had four years of spectacular service, while at the same time withstanding the onslaught of attacks from the political establishment, he too would know that his reelection loss was due to cheating. The people he’d have to defeat in the future play by no rules, or they change the rules as they see fit.

But if life has taught Ray anything, it’s this. When people in power get away with abusing it for too long, their hubris feeds their ineptitude.

Ray in Trump’s shoes, the raid …

The National Archive Investigators (FBI) just left Ray’s Florida mansion after doing a preliminary investigation. They were looking for classified documents that may have inadvertently made their way to a secured storage area on the premises. Documents were found, and a request was made by investigators to increase the storage security with a simple padlock. The entire estate has more security than Fort Knox, but the investigators thought it necessary to add a padlock. There were NO classified or important documents immediately seized.

WWRD (what would Ray do)

Ray would comply and install the lock. But then, he’d ask himself a simplistic, streetwise question involving a juxtaposed point of view.  Why would I do what just happened here and what would I really be looking for? Having correctly determined the answers to the two-part question, Ray would give the deep state swamp things precisely what they weren’t after.  And he would give it to them at a time of his choosing.

An inappropriate leak from an anonymous source, and the DOJ signs a bogus warrant. The FBI armed with a broad, overreaching search warrant (warrants are supposed to be specific), raid a former President’s home. Ray isn’t even there when the raid happens, but that was by design too.

More than a week after the raid and nothing of substance is leaked. What does that tell you? What are the odds that just like Russia collusion, the democrats came up empty?


Now you know why Merrick Garland looked and sounded the way he did during the press conference.

And why Joe Biden had his most productive week ever as president and all anyone talks about is Mar-a-Lago.

And by the way, where’s Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI? Not a word about any of this from the Director himself. Is he setting Merrick up to take the fall?

PS – If you think the FBI is out of control, just wait until an armed IRS agent knocks on your door.

PPS – To read more about Ray click here

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act

Has Biden done anything right since he took office?

These are the facts as I, a lowly bus driver, understand them. Government spending is by nature, inflationary. That means the money supply increases, so there’s too much money chasing too few goods (prices go up). If that increase is matched by an increase in wages, the net effect is zero. But inflation is over 9% while wages have only gone up about 2.5%. That’s a 6.5% deficit that all of us absorb as a tax increase on disposable income. Simply put, you can buy 6.5% less stuff today than you could a year ago, even though you got a raise, and keep in mind, not everyone did.

For those too young to remember the Carter years, when inflation outpaces wages, demand falls, unemployment increases, and the economy shrinks. When it lasts more than two months, you go into recession. Jimmy Carter tried to spend his way out of recession; it didn’t work for him, and it won’t work for Joe Biden. When Biden calls his plan the Inflation Reduction Act, he’s putting lipstick on a pig.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act _oink, oink, oink

Find your congress members here: KEY VOTE: “NO” ON THE “INFLATION… | Heritage Action For America

By the way, don’t let your liberal friends tell you that this thing will reduce prescription drug costs by requiring price negotiation. If you read the bill, you’ll find that it requires offers and counteroffers based on established government price limits.

So a drug manufacturer submits a bid, the government counters, and this is supposed to be the negotiation process at work. The problem lies in the details. Under Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, under no circumstances can the government accept a price above a predetermined limit.

Call me naïve, but I don’t think that’s how a negotiation works, it’s how extortion works. Ultimately, drug supplies will be limited, and if drug companies can’t earn a profit on what they sell to the government, they’ll just pass the cost on to their other customers, you and me.

PS – Contact your congressmen (women) by any means necessary, and let them know that you know, this is a bad deal.

A Rose

by any other name would smell as sweet.

Inflation by any other name would still tax as harsh.

To be honest with you, I’ve long since given up keeping track of the current democrat terminology for anything. As far as I’m concerned, inflation is inflation, recession is recession, and Shakespeare had it right.

A Rose, Inflation, Recession, the facts remain, regardless of the name.

Democrats can redefine anything, as anything, but to what end? Sadly, it does nothing to change the truth. If it were only that easy. Don’t want a recession? Just say that the economy is the strongest it’s ever been. Don’t want a disastrous border? Just say it’s the most secure it’s ever been.

Biden’s problem is that people have to live their lives in reality. The increased employment numbers Biden takes credit for are jobs that existed before Covid. They were lost during the outbreak and are now being replaced. There is no real growth to offset Biden-inflation.

And don’t try to tell me that the border is secure. Thanks to Gov. Abbott, New York progressives and the Washington DC Woke, are beginning to see what the Border States have been dealing with for nearly two years. And apparently, they don’t like it too much.


The real reason the democrats keep trying to redefine things is that they have no answers. If you don’t know the answer to a question, change the question. If you don’t have the answer to a problem, change the problem.

Last week I caught the tail end of a news segment featuring Brianna Lyman. She was asked to explain why she thinks the left works so hard at redefining things like inflation and recession. She was only given ten seconds to respond. She needed less than five. I paraphrase, but I’m close, “They’re really worried about it. Otherwise, why would they work so hard at redefining it?” The remaining seconds were for audience contemplation.


Brianna is the one on the right.

PS – With young people like Brianna (on the right, not the left ;-), I feel confident about the future of our republic.