Bumper Sticker of the Month


Sadly, it’s not even remarkable or noteworthy when a driver cuts in front of my bus right as I’m braking for a stop light. Usually, it’s the driver of a Smart Car (see what I did there), but not always.

The other day as I was bringing my 42,000-pound commercial vehicle to a stop, the driver of an old ½-ton Ford pickup cuts in front of me, shorting my braking distance by at least twenty feet. But I’m an experienced professional, so the stop was made safely without anyone onboard ever noticing.

While waiting at the light, I started to read the bumper stickers in front of me. Only one was worth mentioning.

I dont need Google my wife knows everything auto car funny decal graphic sticker | eBay

Why was this one interesting? Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the pickup driver was a woman. Putting aside the LGBT (LMNOP+) stuff for a long moment, maybe the Wife needs to go to driving school, you know, truth in advertising.

2 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker of the Month

  1. Good to know there some good bus drivers on the road today that pay attention and keep the passengers safe! We need more of you behind the wheel !


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