Israel: Why?

Facebook titles often mislead, but not always.

You know how it is, when you wake up in the morning and before your first cup of coffee, you make the grievous error of checking your Facebook notifications? Yeah, instant headache.

But this morning was different. No, not in the way that I ignored past lessons, not in the foolish way I tried to use brewing time to multi-task, and not in the way the pounding Kettle-Drum mutated into a headache from Hell. No, the difference was what happened after.

In the morning fog of my mind, clear thinking and logic erupted from of all things, a 5-minute video I was watching on Facebook. Real, unadulterated synaptic activity in the absence of a chemical catalyst congealed into thought, and voila; the headache was replaced by brain waves that are only generated in the presence of pragmatic truth.

The topic of Israel and its right to exist provokes instantaneous conjecture and innuendo, in most cases, designed to mislead; it was what I expected to see after reading the headline, “If You Hate Israel, You’re No Friend of the Jews”. I didn’t note the source of the video or I might have assumed differently. But in my defense, I’m a simple bus driver and it was first thing in the morning.

In all honesty, I have pondered the question on more than one occasion: Israel, why? If Jews are entitled to a state, why aren’t the Palestinians? And let’s take it to the ultimate conclusion: If the Palestinians are entitled to a land of their own, why not everyone else? What’s fair is fair, and on the surface, it makes sense. But in this case, there are significant reasons why fair, isn’t always fair.

For instance, did you know that the Palestinians were offered a land of their own, but they refused it? Did you know the offer was repeated, and they refused again? Did you know that they refused a land of their own a total of five times? I bet you didn’t, and neither did I, until I watched the video.

I wasn’t part of the negotiations, but I’d be willing to bet that it came with all sorts of humanitarian aid, logistical assistance, and all the other necessities required to establish an independent state; otherwise known as American Tax Dollars. It sounds like a no-brainer to me. Why say no — five times?

A little bird told me that it was because they had to acknowledge Israel’s existence. Israel does exist in today’s world so again, isn’t that kind of a no-brainer?

Hey, I wonder if agree to recognize Israel’s right to exist, would they give me the same deal? I think I’d call the new state Davydsland. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

I’ve watched Dennis Prager’s video more than once and I only have one point of contention. He argues that Jews cannot be Jews without their belief in G-d, the written word of G-d (the Torah), and their historic land of Israel. “If Israel isn’t a part of Judaism, neither is the Bible or G-d.”

I do agree that the Jewish State must survive, and more than just survive, it must thrive. The religious and geopolitical ramifications of a world without Israel are unthinkable. But the same could be said for the USA, Great Britain, France, and yes, even Germany. What can’t be said for any of these other places is that the Promised Land, was given by G-d, to Jews, and that’s what needs to be remembered.

A place is just a place. To better understand my perspective, let me use the mechanism of analogy the way Dennis does so effectively. If Russia were to launch a nuclear attack on America and by some miracle, I survived, I wouldn’t have my country anymore, but I’d still be an American in my heart, soul, and mind. In the same way, Israel is a nation of Israelis, most of whom are Jewish, but not all. So, I have a hard time understanding the need for a particular location, in order to be Jewish. Jews require G-d and Torah just like Christians require Jesus and the Bible. G-d and Torah are parts of Judaism regardless of where the Jew is.

The way I see it, the Jews deserve their land (Israel) because it’s a gift from G-d. Need proof? Throughout recorded history, Israel has been destroyed, conquered, and destroyed again, yet here it is. Where’s the Philistine Army? Where’s the Babylonian Army? Where’s the Roman Army? Where’s the Israeli army? To deny Israel’s existence is to deny fact.

But it’s only a place. Christians have Rome, Muslims have Mecca, and Jews have Jerusalem; all three are places. The question begs; do you need to be in a particular place, just to be?

I guess this simple bus driver needs more clarification.

PS – Dennis, if you happen to read this post, please take a moment to comment, even if it’s just to call me a stupid moron. Don’t worry, I’m a bus driver, Stupid Moron qualifies as an endearment.  

National Security

What the Biden Administration doesn’t want you to know.

In my posts on inflation parts 1 and 2, I discuss the Biden Administration’s 8.2% ruse. That was just one of many shortfalls Joe is hiding from you, and all need to be addressed. Of the many, there is one extremely vital problem that isn’t getting the attention it should, national security. The border has a stake in this area, but that’s a segment all its own.

What I want to talk about here deals with the current strength of our military. First and foremost, a leader needs to project strength even if his or her military isn’t as strong as it needs to be. People around the world know intuitively, a nation’s armed forces reflect a leader’s persona by design. Russia shows the world Putin, China shows the world Xi; we have Joseph Robinette Biden, whose projection is feeble, senile, and reeks of ineptitude.

To gauge the serious nature of the problem, the Heritage Foundation does an annual index of U.S. Military Strength. It’s one of those rare reports that won’t put you to sleep with droning statistics. I started reading it intending to cull a few important and interesting Bus Driver Simple facts (see below). But it was a fascinating read and if you have the time, I recommend it. Also, Carson Steelman has a very good 5 min podcast overview.


Here are my quick and easy index notes:

Regional Operations – the ability to operate effectively around the world.

Conflict Preparation – the readiness to address conflicts as they arise.

Adequate Resources – sufficient logistical (ammunition, food, transportation, etc.) inventories, manpower, and equipment to respond when necessary.

Military Modernization – new technologies developed, manufactured, and ready to deploy in sufficient quantities to counter those of other nations.

Full military funding prior to need.

We are weak in all five areas. Regardless, the US military is tasked with being able and ready to conduct two separate wars simultaneously anywhere in the world. If you think that’s overkill, think again, Ukraine and Taiwan.


In just two short years, under the Biden Administration, our military strength index has dropped to an all-time low of weak. Never before has this happened, and at this point, we would be hard-pressed to conduct just one modern conflict successfully. Our enemies recognize the fact and are using it to their advantage. Thank you, Gen. Mark “mealy-mouth” Milley.

There are two key points of cause: Woke Objectives (CRT[1], ESG[2], and Gender Issues[3]) infiltrating our military culture; and an unprecedented lack of funding due to budget prioritization for Green New Deal expenditures.

With the mid-term election coming up, we need to pay attention to this as the serious problem it presents. Russia is threatening nuclear war in Ukraine; China is licking its chops over Taiwan (Japan is next), and we have Joe ‘LGB’ Biden and Gen. Milley-Mouth leading the way to Armageddon.

It doesn’t get more existential than this.

[1] CRT – Critical Race Theory.

[2] ESG – Environmental Social Governance.

[3] Gender Issues – Pronouns, there are only two forms for gender clarification.

Inflation: Why Does it Hurt So Good for Democrats

And Feels so bad for the Rest of Us.

Part 2


FYI – If you didn’t read part 1 STOP, and click here. It’s important to crawl before you run, so please, indulge me.


You already understand what I mean when I say that we pay inflation on past inflation. Now it’s time to dive into the way they fudge the inflation numbers using a tool called the CPI. The Biden Administration knows that most Americans have no clue how the inflation number is derived. Don’t worry. I’m no expert either, but I’ve done enough research to satisfy my curiosity. Why so curious? Well, I’ve heard that inflation numbers thirty years ago were calculated differently than they are now. I wanted to know why.

Inflation is calculated based on a number called the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Years ago, they calculated the CPI by taking a sample grocery bag of items deemed to be basic consumables for the average American. Then, they calculated the cost. They also came up with criteria for basic housing, transportation, and the list goes on. Let’s stick with the grocery bag sample for this illustration.

The next year they looked at the exact same bag of groceries and determined the current cost. The difference in price was the CPI, and they used that CPI to determine the inflation rate. Every once in a while the CPI would go down, which means low or negative inflation, but most of the time, it went up.

So how does someone fiddle around with something as straightforward and basic as the cost of groceries? Well, it works like this. The Biden Administration Muckety-Mucks said wait a minute. We aren’t taking into account consumer spending trends. If the price of Swiss Cheese goes up, shoppers start buying Provolone cheese which is cheaper. We need to adjust for that. We also need to adjust for Rye Bread to White Bread and so on, and so forth.

Let’s Go Brandon with an accent.

On the surface it makes sense, right?

Yeah, just like every other democrat lie. It sounds reasonable until you dive into the specifics.

Let’s stick with bread. For years you purchased Rye Bread to make the sandwiches you and your family enjoy for lunch. In the past, you paid $2 a loaf. Now it’s $5 a loaf. So you tell your kids, and yourself, White Bread is just as good. But is it? And what happens when White Bread becomes too expensive? Are Crackers just as good? Imagine the look on our kid’s faces when you give them a sandwich made with two crackers instead of two slices of bread. And it doesn’t stop there.

When calculating the current CPI, they do the same tomfoolery for just about everything, including housing costs. They completely ignore homeowners and the costs of buying, financing, and maintaining a home in good livable condition. Instead, they use average rents to set the standard cost of housing, and they justify it by claiming your home isn’t an expense, it’s an investment.

And the Muckety-Mucks aren’t through; they’re still manipulating the numbers even today. This is why the Biden Administration and the fake news media can tell you to your face, that you’re only experiencing an 8.2% inflation rate when in reality, it’s an inflation rate of 18-20%.

But there’s good news ahead. Mark my words. When Donald J. Trump ascends to his rightful place in the Whitehouse, you can bet your bottom dollar that the CPI, along with the inflation rate, employment rate, and everything else, will all be recalculated the right way (meaning applicable to those on the right). Then, the democrats, supported by the fake media, will complain for months about how the inflation rate spontaneously jumped to double digits as soon as Joe (LGB) Biden left office.

You heard it here first.


Democrats also feel the pain, but they feel it differently. To them, it’s almost masochistic in nature because it’s the pain of change in America; from a capitalist abomination full of deplorable individualists providing for themselves; to a Socialist Utopia full of mind-numbed robots willing to be subjugated for mere sustenance (otherwise known as Communism).


PS – For all you independent voters out there: We stand at the precipice, vote your mind, not your heart or it’ll cost you more than money.

For a more detailed discussion of what I just told you, see: Why Has the Inflation Calculation Changed Over Time? – DNyuz  It’s not overly biased, but be careful just the same. The government Muckety-Mucks substitute the word consumption for the concept of same standards of living. The bias is subtle, but it’s there.

Inflation: Why Does it Hurt So Good for Democrats

And Feels so bad for the Rest of Us.

Part 1

The Good Ole Days (1977-1981), then and today.

If the years 1977-1981, seem like a random selection to you when referencing the here and now, you’re simply too young to remember. 77-81 were the Jimmy Carter years and inflation reached a high of 14.8% with a Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 80.1. In 1980, inflation stayed over 14% for more than four consecutive months, with an average annual rate of 13.5%. These are the numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), so they must be true. 1980 CPI and Inflation Rate for the United States | CPI Inflation Calculator (2022 Updated Monthly)

First, let me apologize for throwing out a bunch of numbers right from the start. Don’t worry. This is Davyd’s blog, and you know I’m not going to bore you with statistical analysis, fudged numbers, and theoretical assumptions designed to cloud your ability to understand the truth. I live in the real world where working is a means of survival, not a euphemism for getting filthy rich off the labor of others through taxation i.e., The Big Guy (Let’s Go Brandon).

According to Hunter’s laptop, you sure did.

So, why does the Biden Administration tell us inflation is only 8.2%, but the same bag of groceries I bought last year costs 10% more this year; and closer to 20% more than the year before that? For those in Rio Linda, that’s two years ago.

Here’s a simple way to think of it. It’s kind of like compound interest. When you borrow money, you can pay straight interest; $10 for 1 year at 10% is $11. Or you can pay compound interest, which is interest on the principal of $10, plus interest on interest accrued over time. Simply put, you’re paying interest on principal and interest.

As I understand it, inflation is somewhat similar. If you buy a loaf of bread and it costs $1, one year later at 10% annual inflation, that same loaf of bread will cost $1.10. But if inflation stays at 10%, the next year the same loaf of bread costs $1.21. In other words, to get the same loaf of bread from two years ago, we now have to pay the $1 base cost, plus 10% for last year’s inflation, plus 10% on the whole thing for this year’s inflation. And that’s why we’re paying inflation on past inflation.

Now take that cost increase and apply it across the board to everything you buy and yeah, this is what the cost of living in Biden’s America feels like. Keep in mind, I didn’t even mention the fact that yesteryear’s loaf of bread was 20 ounces, and today’s loaf is only 16.


Democrats also feel the pain, but they feel it differently. To them, it’s almost masochistic in nature because it’s the pain of change in America; from a capitalist abomination full of deplorable individualists providing for themselves; to a socialist utopia full of mind-numbed robots willing to be subjugated for mere sustenance (otherwise known as Communism).


But wait Davyd, you’ve told us why the inflation rate feels like 20%, but you haven’t told us why the Biden Administration says it’s only 8.2%. Also, you mentioned the Consumer Price Index (CPI). What’s that got to do with this horror story?

Well, as bad as it already is, the truth is about to get even worse. The CPI and how it’s manipulated, is a big reason why the Biden Administration can look at 18% inflation and call it 8.2%. By the way, 8.2% inflation is really bad. Don’t just shake your head and get used to the new normal. It’s not normal; it’s the free market screaming for help.

But before we dive into some more numbers, for now, just let the basics settle in and keep reminding yourself that we are paying inflation on past inflation.  Then, when you’re ready for the horrific truth, check out my next post. I promise the numbers will be bus driver simple to understand. And when it’s over, you’ll know why the Biden administration can claim 8.2% inflation when in reality, it feels like 18.2% or higher.

PS – They fudge the numbers on inflation, employment, illegal immigration, elections, national debt, and most everything else including national security. This post is only focusing on inflation.

Holy-Sh … Crap! When you start to list it all, it’s truly amazing how much damage the democrats caused in less than two years.

Triumph — The Grasshopper

Bus Driver Stories

If you know, you know.  Kung Fu, the TV show.

This is a true story that happened last night on the way home from work. I wanted desperately to tell you about it right then and there, but …

As you know, I’m a bus driver; I leave for work at 0900, I don’t return until 2200, and I do it all for $1 over the current starting salary at McDonald’s. By the way, for those in Rio Linda, 0900 means 9:00 am, and 2200 means 10:00 pm. Yes, it’s a long day and when I get home, I’m really tired. So now that I’m well rested, here’s the story.

Also, I wasn’t thinking at the time, or I would have tried to take a picture of the individual that inspired this post. Suffice it to say, he looked like this:

Hurricane Ian/Winter Grasshopper

Disclaimer: I don’t know how to determine the gender of a grasshopper, so I’ll just refer to him as “He.”

With all that out of the way, here’s what happened.

At about the mid-point of my commute home last night, I came to a stop at a traffic light. I drive an old pickup truck, and even if I didn’t have to drive it for economic reasons, I’d still drive it out of preference.  It’s a fantastic truck, and they don’t make them anymore.

Anyway, just before the light turned green, I noticed a grasshopper walking across the top edge of my windshield. How he got there was beyond me; I was already on the road for almost half an hour. It was a miracle that he survived this long, but I knew the light would turn green at any moment, and this grasshopper really didn’t stand a chance. The speed limit for the next part of my commute was 50 mph (60 mph in real life) on a two-lane road with double yellow stripes. No passing is allowed, and everyone expects you to go 60. I think you get the picture.

Anyway, I really felt bad for this creature, but the light turned green and it was time to go. Just then, it occurred to me that if I accelerated slowly, maybe the grasshopper would have time to make his way to the back of the cab and jump into the bed of my truck. If he did, he’d have no problem surviving the rest of the journey. I executed my plan and accelerated slowly. Oddly enough, my fellow late-night commuters were very patient: no one honked. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t patience; my truck is old and looks old too. Tolerance might be more accurate.

In all honesty, I really didn’t think the grasshopper would make it, but in that brief moment, there was a connection, so I did what I could and hoped for the best. Eventually, I made it home, pulled into my driveway, parked the truck, and jumped out to check for my grasshopper buddy. Even though it was night, the bed of my truck has a black liner; he would look almost white against the black and be easy to see. Sadly, he wasn’t there. I felt terrible and it was exacerbated by my severe fatigue, or maybe the other way around. Who knows?

Extremely bummed out (disappointed for my gen-x fan(s)), I walked around to the passenger door and retrieved my clipboard, lunch box, and miscellaneous paperwork. In a paperless society like ours, ‘hehehe’, I still have to document events on the bus by writing them down.

As a side note: Ostensibly, it’s for the protection of my employer, and by extension, the drivers. In reality, it’s more of a gotcha type of thing designed to blame the driver for as much as possible when things go wrong. In the past, written reports have bitten the less literate of us in the ass. But in my case, because I’m your favorite writing bus driver, my reports have bitten my employer in the ass. It took more than one or two times, but they learned their lesson. My reports stand the test of time, and scrutiny, and my supervisor dreads having to tell me over the radio, “Be sure to write up your report before you leave tonight”.

Ok, back to the story.

So, I grabbed my stuff and closed the door. I started for the house, still feeling bad about my grasshopper buddy, but something told me to stop and turn back, because I forgot something important. I looked down at my hands to check. I had everything I could think of, and at first, I ignored the voice, but it repeated, and I relented.

I turned around to make my laborious trek back to the truck, and when I looked up, who did I see staring me straight in the eye? Proud, defiant, and ultimately victorious over his vanquished foe (60 mph winds) stood Kung Fu Grasshopper. He faced the onslaught of insurmountable odds and succeeded, even when I didn’t think he stood a chance.


Sharing this (true) story is especially important to me because my Grasshopper Hero has given me renewed resolve. We all have our challenges; some are thrust upon us by fate, like hurricanes. Yes, I live in Florida, but I was lucky. With proper preparation I weathered the storm; Ian did his worst to others. By the way, Hurricane Ian – Volunteer Florida is a great place to help (I did).


Ian: a personal assessment of challenge.

Some challenges we take on willingly, and when we do, they become goals. Most goals are sensible and with smart decision-making along with hard work, can be realized. Then, there are goals of a more fanciful nature. They fall into the category of lofty dreams or wishes.  By their very nature, they have no real chance of coming to fruition. These are the most insidious because if we really want them, we waste our time in a never-ending cycle of failure, only to succeed as a Dreamer. Eventually, when it’s far too late to correct our mistakes, we capitulate to the truth and despair over what could have been.

In my case, that fanciful dream is to stop driving a bus for a living and live the life of a successful writer. Lately, it seems the harder I work, the less I actually achieve, and it gets me down. Giving up and doing what I could to reverse the effects of wasting time on a dream, seemed more appropriate than ever; especially, when a storm like Hurricane Ian was passing overhead.

Enter Kung Fu Grasshopper, who has taught me something crucial — giving up is a loss. Yes, time is running out because life is finite, but I still have mornings left to wake up, get out of bed, and fight on regardless of the odds.

I know my personal battle pales in comparison to those on Florida’s west coast, but the concept is the same. The battle is never over until you succeed — or quit.

Thank you, Kung Fu Grasshopper.

PS – Kung Fu Grasshopper wasn’t the first to teach me this lesson, but I needed a refresher course. Roma’s story will come when I’m ready to tell it.