National Security

What the Biden Administration doesn’t want you to know.

In my posts on inflation parts 1 and 2, I discuss the Biden Administration’s 8.2% ruse. That was just one of many shortfalls Joe is hiding from you, and all need to be addressed. Of the many, there is one extremely vital problem that isn’t getting the attention it should, national security. The border has a stake in this area, but that’s a segment all its own.

What I want to talk about here deals with the current strength of our military. First and foremost, a leader needs to project strength even if his or her military isn’t as strong as it needs to be. People around the world know intuitively, a nation’s armed forces reflect a leader’s persona by design. Russia shows the world Putin, China shows the world Xi; we have Joseph Robinette Biden, whose projection is feeble, senile, and reeks of ineptitude.

To gauge the serious nature of the problem, the Heritage Foundation does an annual index of U.S. Military Strength. It’s one of those rare reports that won’t put you to sleep with droning statistics. I started reading it intending to cull a few important and interesting Bus Driver Simple facts (see below). But it was a fascinating read and if you have the time, I recommend it. Also, Carson Steelman has a very good 5 min podcast overview.


Here are my quick and easy index notes:

Regional Operations – the ability to operate effectively around the world.

Conflict Preparation – the readiness to address conflicts as they arise.

Adequate Resources – sufficient logistical (ammunition, food, transportation, etc.) inventories, manpower, and equipment to respond when necessary.

Military Modernization – new technologies developed, manufactured, and ready to deploy in sufficient quantities to counter those of other nations.

Full military funding prior to need.

We are weak in all five areas. Regardless, the US military is tasked with being able and ready to conduct two separate wars simultaneously anywhere in the world. If you think that’s overkill, think again, Ukraine and Taiwan.


In just two short years, under the Biden Administration, our military strength index has dropped to an all-time low of weak. Never before has this happened, and at this point, we would be hard-pressed to conduct just one modern conflict successfully. Our enemies recognize the fact and are using it to their advantage. Thank you, Gen. Mark “mealy-mouth” Milley.

There are two key points of cause: Woke Objectives (CRT[1], ESG[2], and Gender Issues[3]) infiltrating our military culture; and an unprecedented lack of funding due to budget prioritization for Green New Deal expenditures.

With the mid-term election coming up, we need to pay attention to this as the serious problem it presents. Russia is threatening nuclear war in Ukraine; China is licking its chops over Taiwan (Japan is next), and we have Joe ‘LGB’ Biden and Gen. Milley-Mouth leading the way to Armageddon.

It doesn’t get more existential than this.

[1] CRT – Critical Race Theory.

[2] ESG – Environmental Social Governance.

[3] Gender Issues – Pronouns, there are only two forms for gender clarification.

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