Six-year-old Marathoner

What were they thinking?

 I know this is last week’s news, but I wanted to add my two cents because I haven’t heard anyone else point out a blaring fact.

First, let’s discuss the obvious.

The parents are stupid. No Six-year-old should be running a marathon. Even if the kid wants to do it with all his ignorant heart and soul, this is where parenting comes in and both mom and dad say, NO. You can’t run a marathon. You’re too young. Wait until you grow up.

That didn’t happen. Colossal fail.

The organizers of the event are stupid. When parents fail their responsibilities, it’s the organizers who need to pick up the ball and run with it. See what I did there? By enforcing minimum standards for qualification and safety such as age, say eighteen years or older, Junior doesn’t run. But when the people in charge don’t set reasonable rules or make regulations and then don’t enforce them, the judge of culpability rears its ugly head. What if that kid had to be hospitalized or worse? Colossal fail for the Flying Pig coordinators.

Then there’s the psychological and physical abuse this child suffered while hundreds, if not thousands, were firsthand witnesses, and no one did anything to stop it. Colossal fail.

But Davyd these topics have already been talked about by the major media outlets. You mentioned something missed by most if not all of them.

Yes. Yes, I did and here it is. I’ve linked to a video of it on ABC (not a frequent source of information on this blog for obvious reasons). Click below:

 Parents of 6-year-old marathoner speak out after they say child services visited family – ABC News (

Did you see it? If not, watch again.

Flying Pig

Hint: Two for One

OK! Enough games. Here’s the punch line. For every step mom and dad take, Junior takes two and a half. The six-year-old didn’t run one marathon; he ran two marathons plus half of another and he did it all at once.

Everyone involved should be ashamed.

P.S. – You need a license to drive a car or get married, but no license is required to be a parent. Regarding these two parents (watch the video again), COLOSSAL FAIL.

Dog in the Abortion Fight

Tyrus on the Clay and Buck show

Abortion is one of the headline topics of the current news cycle and Tyrus (on the Clay and Buck show) voiced his opinion. I heard the segment during my lunch break last week. Tyrus was candid about the fact that his mother chose not to abort him, a win for the pro-life side.

How Cute!

My two favorites on Gutfeld.

The conversation continued and Tyrus commented on the Supreme Court leak regarding the draft opinion reversing Roe vs. Wade.  He said, “I don’t have a dog in that fight”.

I took that to mean he doesn’t have standing when it comes to a woman’s decision to abort. The phrase stuck with me and I began to wonder, what if he did have a dog in the fight? Would he then have standing?

It took me a while to work through the conundrum but this is what I came up with. Despite the current liberal dribble to the contrary, it still takes a man and a woman to become pregnant the way nature intended. So, a woman discovers that she’s pregnant. She begins to consider her options and one of those options is whether or not to tell the father. If the mother elects to tell the father, does that mean he has a dog in the fight? Does he have standing? What if the mother is the father’s wife and she elects not to tell him. Does that mean he doesn’t have a dog in the fight? Does that mean he has no standing?

I’m just scratching the surface here. There are countless scenarios, but all have two things in common. A life is (naturally) created by a man and a woman. And, a woman has a choice: she chooses whether or not, to tell the truth. The question is; does the truth or a lie by omission, change a man’s standing?

Personally, I think men in general are lazy about this issue. If they get a woman pregnant, they’re more than just a little relieved when she handles it on her own. The less involved they are, the more relieved. I think women are lazy about the issue too. Pregnancy, as well as giving birth, are both hard work, and that’s just the beginning. None of this speaks to what’s right and just. It doesn’t speak to what’s moral and decent. It does speak to the poor values instilled by parents … and taking the easy way out on both sides of the equation.

P.S. – Tyrus. If somehow you get the opportunity to read this, I would greatly appreciate some clarification.

Why Ukraine?

We shouldn’t be concerned … or should we?

I’ve heard it said many times. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a European problem. Let them deal with it.

Over the past month reports about the Russian atrocities in Ukraine moved from the headline story down to fourth or fifth place behind the economy, the border, and whatever the Biden administration is currently screwing up. I’ve heard more than a few news commentators and their guests speak about our problems at home. They raise the point that we should fix things here first. Ukraine is halfway around the world. Why are we even involved?

Yes, I agree we have our share of problems. We have a huge border crisis, massive inflation, and a supply chain issue that simply never impacted Americans the way this one has. Imagine empty grocery store shelves like the ones in Russia. Oh, wait! We don’t have to imagine that do we? The list goes on and on, and on some more.  

The ineptitude of the Biden administration doesn’t change the truth (not to be confused with fact). An imperial Russia illegally attacked a smaller sovereign country because it could. Why did it think an invasion of Ukraine was a good idea? Because America is weak. That’s the truth.

A weak America means a world in conflict. All you need to do is look at the last 100 years of world history. You may not like the fact, but that doesn’t change the reality, the truth. America’s role is a stabilizing force in world politics. Turning a blind eye shows weakness.

Then there’s the Budapest Memorandum (see Lesson to the World: | davyd’s blog ( ) which by the way, is being ignored by everyone on both sides of the Atlantic. Did you know that not only do we have a legal responsibility to defend Ukraine, but so does Russia? Talk about a war crime, Russia is legally bound to defend Ukraine from itself.


Today Russians take Mariupol, tomorrow Times Square.

Look. The reality is this. If Putin is allowed to continue unabated, he will not stop. Yeah, just like Hitler. If we don’t stop him now, we will have to stop Putin later. Only then, he’ll be much stronger.

And if Putin succeeds with his invasion of Ukraine, why wouldn’t China think they’ll succeed with Taiwan? They’ve already made it clear that Taiwan is a target. If they are allowed to invade without consequence, then they too, will not stop. Eventually, America will have to fight a two-front war; one on her Atlantic shore, and one on her Pacific.

P.S. – It’s not just a matter of our future survival; it’s a matter of human decency.

P.S. – FYI, Bill Clinton made the commitment to the Ukrainian people. Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Clinton. Did Bill lie? Did Hillary lie? If we don’t stand by our word, does that make us liars? Hmmm …

It’s Time to Pick up Ukraine’s Books

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine, a Grade School Memory

Makariv: Destruction 30 miles west of Kyiv_031222

Putin’s war reminds me of an incident in grade school that I completely forgot about until two weeks ago. I’ll tell you about it in a moment. But first, for those who don’t already know, my home life as a child wasn’t spectacular. As a result, there were times when I really wanted to hit someone, anyone, and this was one of those days. All I needed was an excuse. That said.

Darin was a kid who, for no good reason, we all kind of shunned. He was quiet, maybe a little shy, and for the most part, kept to himself. He had no friends that I knew of. Not that I was a social rock star or anything, but I had my buds. In his defense, he wasn’t from the area; his family moved in maybe a year earlier, and fitting in takes time.

School was out for the day and I was walking a round-about way home because home wasn’t where I particularly wanted to be. As I walked I saw a group of kids down the street. I heard shouting and it sounded like there was going to be a fight so I picked up my pace. But when I got there, I remember being disappointed.

It wasn’t a fight. It was just some kid that I didn’t know, probably from a different school, he was picking on Darin. I was disappointed because I didn’t think there would be a fight. Darin didn’t seem the type. Then, out of the blue, opportunity struck. The bully pushed Darin to the ground. His books went flying. When Darin tried to get to his feet, the bully pushed him back down. This repeated too many times.

Eventually, someone had to do something. I picked up Darin’s stuff. “Hey! Don’t help him!”

I went to give Darin his books because to his credit, he wouldn’t stay down. Then, I got pushed from behind. I didn’t fall and I didn’t drop anything. I handed Darin his books and felt the exhilaration that comes with impending release. It took all day, but finally, I was going to get my fight.

That day was a lesson in disappointment, frustration, and anger management. The bully and his two friends ran away as soon as I turned to face them. I don’t know why. I was ready to explode and was really looking forward to it. Suddenly, I had no excuse, no reason to hit anyone. Life really isn’t fair.

Darin and I started walking together. He was going home; I was going anywhere but home. When we got to his apartment, I remember his mother being very nice and thanking me a lot. I didn’t know why. I was looking for a fight, not a friend. On the inside, I still wanted to hit someone; on the outside, I smiled to hide my angst.

She made us sandwiches for a snack. At home, the only time I ever got a sandwich after school was when I made it myself. I remember hanging out with Darin for the rest of the afternoon and he turned out to be an OK kid. We never became close friends because his family moved away shortly after the incident. But I think I would’ve liked hanging out with him.

Moral of the story:

Putin is a bully and it’s time for America to pick up Ukraine’s books.

Peace on Earth,

requires a strong United States.

The world is closer than ever to an all-encompassing war.

And where in the world is Joe Biden? Not in the Whitehouse.

As of the writing of this post, Joe (let’s go Brandon) Biden is sleeping like a baby in Delaware and dreaming of his morning oatmeal and …


Just a quick point.

If President Trump was where he should be right now, the people of Ukraine would be enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning, and so would the rest of the world. Instead, through Biden’s ineptitude, we are heading full-throttle towards another world war.

Imagine if President Donald J. Trump decided to spend the weekend in the Free State of Florida instead of the oval office during times like these. The headlines would be relentless and scathingly critical.

… and Joe Biden

In the United States, the press plays an important part in the people’s ability to supervise its government, not the other way around. The hypocrisy of our lamestream press is beyond words. Their collective culpability should be criminal and prosecutable under dereliction of duty to this country, and at this point, the world.

It’s been said countless times before, but rarely heard. Peace on earth requires a strong USA.

After the events of the past two weeks, is there really any doubt?

War Against the Innocent, Ukraine

Provoked by Insipid Weakness

This Morning, 9:00 a.m. 02-26-22, Ukraine Stands

As I explained in my last post, I was in a foul mood all week. In fact, I wasn’t even going to post today.

But this morning, everything changed. I turned on the news and Ukraine is still standing. Its people are defending themselves, fighting for their freedom with everything they have. Meanwhile, I was feeling sorry for myself because I had a bad week. How self-absorbed is that?  

Halfway around the world people just like me, are fighting an existential war. There is killing and dying on both sides and … It hit me hard. I really don’t do much, not much at all. I drive a bus. How insignificant is that?

What I do has no effect and does nothing to help the people who are hiding in bomb shelters to survive a needless war. A war waged against the innocent and provoked by insipid weakness. Putin is guilty of waging war on a country that did nothing wrong. But Biden is guilty of provoking the war by being insipidly weak. He imposes sanctions that do too little—too late, and then buys Russian oil. Yes, the United States is still buying Russian oil because of Biden’s domestic energy policy. If you finance an insane tyrant, don’t you share in his blame? Think about it.

So simply put. Guilt has me at the keyboard. Even if I only reach half a dozen, it’s something … at the very least.

Please watch the entire video below and listen to Olena Gnes. Yesterday, her children were in school. Today, she is hiding them in a bomb shelter.

Yo Joe. This is the result of your insipid weakness.

Ukrainian mom pleads for help from bomb shelter: Putin won’t stop, until he’s stopped | Fox News Video

PS – While Olena hunkers down in a bomb shelter and cares for her children, her husband fights for their freedom in the streets of Kyiv. They have the real potential to lose everything.

I don’t know what you did yesterday but I … I drove a bus.

PPS – She apologies for not being articulate enough (in English) to convey her feelings. What do you think?

Hello Everyone!

And when I say everyone, I mean the seven or eight followers I have that actually read my posts.

Yeah. Don’t worry. I have no delusions of grandeur. Dreams yes, but I know that when it comes to being read on the internet, you need celebrity first. People really don’t give a damn what a lowly bus driver in Florida has to say. However, it is important for you to note, free speech is still alive and well in the Free State of Florida. And I’m a perfect example.

If you count yourself among the seven or eight who actually look forward to my posts, then I’m sorry about missing last week. As I’ve explained in the past, real-life sometimes gets in the way, taking precedence over blogging.

Personally, it makes me miserable when that happens, and the past week was pretty rough as far as attitude is concerned. I know, especially in light of current world events, not being able to write seems a poor excuse for allowing yourself to feel miserable. And you’re right, unless the reason you spend your week driving a bus is so you can spend your weekends writing.

I guess you need to be a writer to understand but, this is my life, or what’s left of it.

PS – Just to give you an idea of my level of sacrifice, as of last month, I could make more money working a register at Walmart than I can driving a bus. This is yet another example of my precipitous spiral downward, fueled by poor decisions and the cruelty of fate. I should probably quit my job and go work for the Walton Family.

Lord No!

NYPD Officer — Shot in the line of duty and another clinging to life…..

There’s a Disturbing Agenda

Audio version:

NYPD officer Jason Rivera and his partner Wilbert Mora were fired upon by Lashawn McNeil while responding to a domestic disturbance. The mother (who called the police) made no mention of the weapon her son possessed. Was this a setup? Who knows but … Officer Rivera was killed and officer Mora is clinging to life.

Once again, a piece of human excrement, Lashawn McNeil, was not incarcerated like he should’ve been and now officer Rivera will never live the life he dreamed—our condolences and prayers to his family and friends—our prayers for a speedy and complete recovery to officer Mora.

Officer Rivera
Officer Mora

You can read more about the story here: NYPD cop killed, second officer clings to life after shooting in Harlem apartment (

Why is this happening?

There is only one answer that I can think of to explain the lunacy of the left. I’ve talked about this before, and it seems as though I’m the only one. But here it is again.

In the United States of America, policing of the civilian population falls under the jurisdiction of local police departments. It is a highly decentralized system and as such, can’t be controlled by Washington and its (unelected) bureaucrats. This is a huge problem for liberals, progressives, and the communist party in America.

But what if you can disrupt the current system to a point where the people cry out for Federal help? Well, the FBI steps in. Now, the Fed controls national and local law enforcement; this bears repeating. Listen to me carefully; The Fed Will Control All Law Enforcement. And of course, who controls the Fed? Unelected government bureaucrats, The Swamp, that’s who.

Consider this as your possible future.

You buy your son a dog for his birthday. It’s a beautiful Golden Labrador but there’s a problem, it needs space to run and play. You anticipated this and contracted a company to build a fence around your yard. The contractor pulled all the permits and the fence is legal. You keep your son and his dog on our property as specified by government mandate.

Your neighbor is the City Director of the FBI and he was in his backyard grilling burgers when your son took his new dog out to play. At first, because of the excitement of the moment, the dog barked at your neighbor. The barking was short-lived. The dog quickly lost interest in your neighbor and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with your son. That was on Sunday.

Monday, you go into work as usual and pick up where you left off last Friday. Suddenly, your boss calls you into her office. She lays down the law in no uncertain terms. There’s a complaint about your dog and if you don’t get rid of it immediately, you’ll need to find another job. Under no circumstances will she allow her department to go through another FBI compliance audit.

You have no choice and Monday night, you break your son’s heart. Something he will remember for the rest of his life.

Think this is just another example of Davyd writing fiction? Ask someone who escaped Cuba in the 60’s.

Freedom is worth fighting for, but only to those willing to fight. The time is now.


What is it and where did it come from?

Uncle Joe

I just saw a video on Twitter. A very pretty twenty-something is finally realizing what taxation is all about.

First, she talks about how she goes to work and earns five hundred dollars and how every dollar she earns is taxed. Then, she realizes that everything she buys with the dollars she has leftover— is taxed. This would include the things she needs to buy in order to go to work.

As she contemplates further, she realizes that the people she buys things from also pay taxes. In fact, they’re paying taxes on money she already paid taxes on. And the cycle continues indefinitely until finally, she has a eureka moment.

Let her tell you in her own words:

To sum it all up, what she’s realizing, but can’t quite find the words to express (this is my area of expertise) is that a dollar equaling one-hundred pennies, doesn’t disappear, but its value does. We call this inflation. For those people of this young lady’s generation, it is Bidenflation.

PS – I tried to leave a reply, but it seems to have been absorbed into the Twitter void of conservative thought. I can see it on my page but nowhere else. It went something like this:

Eureka!!!! Who says young people don’t understand taxation? You can’t even call it double or triple taxation. It’s infinite taxation.

It’s Bidenflation …..

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Vax Mandate, and the Media Spin

Predetermined socialist agenda or simply a moron

There are a thousand words right here.

First and foremost, can we make some bus driver (logical) assumptions here? Sotomayor is a Supreme Court Justice, and as such, should be able to assimilate information on an equal par with your average, run-of-the-mill, American. As a justice, she has top-level staff whose only job is to make sure that she has correct information. She has top-level staff whose only job is to make sure that when she speaks, she sounds intelligent and unbiased because her words represent the court; regardless of which side she leans in favor of.

In all honesty, this list is the edited version. I really could go on and on about the things we should be able to expect from Sotomayor, but never seem to get.

The Biden vaccine mandate failed before the court thanks to the conservative side but the liberal side, prior to their dissent, showed just how uninformed they really are. This includes Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and the ring leader in stupidity, Sonia Sotomayor. Supreme Court’s liberal justices slammed over vax mandate statements (

Sotomayor led the way by putting that large, socialist foot she shoes every day, squarely in both cheeks of her mouth. Mind you, this is a Supreme Court justice whose actions influence all of us, and she is not elected, and she serves for life. Wow! Just listen to what dumb sounds like in her own words:

Please scroll down to the Greg Price twitter retweet:

Sonia Sotomayor roasted after spreading false information about child COVID hospitalizations | Fox News

Under no circumstances do I believe anything CNN produces is anything but progressive propaganda. However, I’m including this CNN fact check video to illustrate two things that are blatantly obvious. Watch first:

Fact-checking Sotomayor’s Covid claim – CNN Video

1 – Believe it or not, CNN is actually calling her out on the lie. But as always, they have an agenda and it is not to report the truth. This leads to my second point.

2 – They redeem themselves to the left when they spread progressive pox by instructing her exactly how she could have structured her false statements into mischaracterized facts. Listen to the nonsense again, and consider the filter CNN uses to propagandize.

She also seems to be ignorant as to the constitutional delineation between state’s rights vs. federal rights. I briefly heard it on a Newsmax clip, but I can’t find the audio anywhere. Do you think big tech has something to do with that?