Facebook has done it again.

I guess my last post struck a nerve. Since posting it, I haven’t been able to auto share to this blog or post any public comments. I’ll try to link manually, but the last time this happened, it was a waste of time. I was idle for about two weeks-ish.

So, Facebook has placed me in time-out because why? Does a billionaire like M. Zucker-Butt find me, a little old Simple Bus Driver, with my little old conservative blog, a threat?

It’s the day before election day, what do you think? Free speech is under attack yet again.

In the past, shortly after Facebook put me in time-out, Twitter did too. Funny thing, today, Twitter still works for Simple Bus Drivers with something to say. Yay! Go Elon!

Look at that face (only a mother could love). Would you trust this guy to take politics out of facebook?

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