Judeo-Christian Americans 

Read this before you vote.

As I’ve pointed out before, Israel must stand as the Promised Land. It must stand as the Jewish State. These are facts that the bible is unequivocal about.

Joe Biden, in his unwavering support of the State of Israel (ha-ha), and his steadfast belief in the … Oh, you know, the thing … has once again, screwed the pooch on the world stage.

With its latest election results, Israel, has started on an irrefutable journey to reverse her past woke mistakes. Riding a wave of conservative logic, Mr. Netanyahu, in a decisive victory, won a third term as Prime Minister. This event occurred on November 01, 2022.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the man democrats call Mr. President, has yet to pick up a phone and call Prime Minister Netanyahu to congratulate him. Everyone else has. But Joe, among other things, seems to have forgotten the Prime Minister’s number.

Do you know who has called from the United States? And do you know to whom the call was made?

Our esteemed Secretary of State, Blinken, made sure to call Palestinian Leader Mahmud Abbas. The reason for the call was to confirm United States’ support for a Palestinian State on Israeli land. This — at a time when Ned Price, spokesman for the Biden administration, has publicly acknowledged great concern over Iran’s threats to attack Saudi Arabia.

In a sea of political instability and turmoil, the Jewish State of Israel plays an extraordinary role in maintaining world peace. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a strong, enduring, democracy in the Middle East.

I guess Joe (LGB) Biden, forgot about Moses, and the promise that the Thing made to those people … you know, those people in the desert.

Moses at the precipice, as are we.

Elections have consequences, and the journey for America to correct her Woke mistakes starts tomorrow.

Israel: Why?

Facebook titles often mislead, but not always.

You know how it is, when you wake up in the morning and before your first cup of coffee, you make the grievous error of checking your Facebook notifications? Yeah, instant headache.

But this morning was different. No, not in the way that I ignored past lessons, not in the foolish way I tried to use brewing time to multi-task, and not in the way the pounding Kettle-Drum mutated into a headache from Hell. No, the difference was what happened after.

In the morning fog of my mind, clear thinking and logic erupted from of all things, a 5-minute video I was watching on Facebook. Real, unadulterated synaptic activity in the absence of a chemical catalyst congealed into thought, and voila; the headache was replaced by brain waves that are only generated in the presence of pragmatic truth.

The topic of Israel and its right to exist provokes instantaneous conjecture and innuendo, in most cases, designed to mislead; it was what I expected to see after reading the headline, “If You Hate Israel, You’re No Friend of the Jews”. I didn’t note the source of the video or I might have assumed differently. But in my defense, I’m a simple bus driver and it was first thing in the morning.

In all honesty, I have pondered the question on more than one occasion: Israel, why? If Jews are entitled to a state, why aren’t the Palestinians? And let’s take it to the ultimate conclusion: If the Palestinians are entitled to a land of their own, why not everyone else? What’s fair is fair, and on the surface, it makes sense. But in this case, there are significant reasons why fair, isn’t always fair.

For instance, did you know that the Palestinians were offered a land of their own, but they refused it? Did you know the offer was repeated, and they refused again? Did you know that they refused a land of their own a total of five times? I bet you didn’t, and neither did I, until I watched the video.

I wasn’t part of the negotiations, but I’d be willing to bet that it came with all sorts of humanitarian aid, logistical assistance, and all the other necessities required to establish an independent state; otherwise known as American Tax Dollars. It sounds like a no-brainer to me. Why say no — five times?

A little bird told me that it was because they had to acknowledge Israel’s existence. Israel does exist in today’s world so again, isn’t that kind of a no-brainer?

Hey, I wonder if agree to recognize Israel’s right to exist, would they give me the same deal? I think I’d call the new state Davydsland. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?


I’ve watched Dennis Prager’s video more than once and I only have one point of contention. He argues that Jews cannot be Jews without their belief in G-d, the written word of G-d (the Torah), and their historic land of Israel. “If Israel isn’t a part of Judaism, neither is the Bible or G-d.”

I do agree that the Jewish State must survive, and more than just survive, it must thrive. The religious and geopolitical ramifications of a world without Israel are unthinkable. But the same could be said for the USA, Great Britain, France, and yes, even Germany. What can’t be said for any of these other places is that the Promised Land, was given by G-d, to Jews, and that’s what needs to be remembered.

A place is just a place. To better understand my perspective, let me use the mechanism of analogy the way Dennis does so effectively. If Russia were to launch a nuclear attack on America and by some miracle, I survived, I wouldn’t have my country anymore, but I’d still be an American in my heart, soul, and mind. In the same way, Israel is a nation of Israelis, most of whom are Jewish, but not all. So, I have a hard time understanding the need for a particular location, in order to be Jewish. Jews require G-d and Torah just like Christians require Jesus and the Bible. G-d and Torah are parts of Judaism regardless of where the Jew is.

The way I see it, the Jews deserve their land (Israel) because it’s a gift from G-d. Need proof? Throughout recorded history, Israel has been destroyed, conquered, and destroyed again, yet here it is. Where’s the Philistine Army? Where’s the Babylonian Army? Where’s the Roman Army? Where’s the Israeli army? To deny Israel’s existence is to deny fact.

But it’s only a place. Christians have Rome, Muslims have Mecca, and Jews have Jerusalem; all three are places. The question begs; do you need to be in a particular place, just to be?

I guess this simple bus driver needs more clarification.

PS – Dennis, if you happen to read this post, please take a moment to comment, even if it’s just to call me a stupid moron. Don’t worry, I’m a bus driver, Stupid Moron qualifies as an endearment.