Feverishly at Work

It’s the week before Christmas and I’ve been feverishly at work trying to get the print version of “Positives & Negatives, Tricycles & Pancakes,” ready for publishing. Being new in the business, I thought it would be easy. I assumed, and I think not unreasonably so, that with a fully edited and published eBook, the print book would be a piece of cake. Just upload the file and click print, right? Oh contraire . . .

Maybe it was because I published electronically first, then went to print, or maybe it was just naiveté (probably the later), but print books require a completely different set of formatting techniques to obtain a good, professional looking product. What presents well on a reader looks terrible on a page, and vice-versa. Everything from fonts, to headers, to page numbers, to cover art, even front matter, are all handled differently. And I had to learn it one mistake at a time.

Well. It was a tough row to hoe but at long last, it’s done, and just in time for the holidays. Shooo! The print version of PNTP is finally available so check it out at www.LDavydPollack.com

Happy Holidays.


PNTP print cover


Bad Blog Etiquette, I’m Sorry

I know. I started this blog last month and banged out a handful of posts then . . . nothing.

I’ve been a bad boy and I apologize. But just because I’ve been bad doesn’t mean that I’ve been lazy. Actually, I’ve been very busy with a new aspect of publishing and overwhelmed is probably a better term, not lazy. 

At first, I thought it would only take one or two days to finish and I’d get a good post or two out of it. I was wrong. It took over a month and I’m still not done, which means I now have a series of posts to do.

So yeah, I’m back, but before I get into my first posting series, I think I’m going to explore a fun idea that just came to me. I’ll work on it this morning and maybe a little in the afternoon if needed.

Here’s a hint: World Series seventh game.

Keep an eye out.

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