Wendy Bell, 12-05-22

Newsmax TV host

Wendy Bell

I happened to catch the tail end of Wendy Bell’s show last week and as usual, she spoke about current events. There was good reporting, quality panel discussion, and even articulate editorializing, but then she took a commercial break.

After the break, Wendy went into her op-ed segment, something that I usually look forward to hearing. She began with a tease about how during her last two shows she expressed opinions that sparked enormous amounts of negative press and angry tweets, especially from conservatives. Apparently, they struck a nerve with their response.

These are the issues she said caused the unwarranted animus. First, there’s her position on Trump. She doesn’t think he’s necessarily the best man for the job and that there may be others more qualified. Also, she thinks in order for the GOP to win in 2024, the conservative platform needs to abandon the abortion issue in favor of other more important concerns like the economy, crime, and the border.

Wendy defended her position with little regard for the legitimacy of the anger she ignited. Conservatives don’t just get upset for any reason, and if they do, they usually don’t take the next step of documenting their anger unless they’re really upset. I think Wendy missed the point here. She has every right to express her opinion but she doesn’t have a right to delegitimize opposing opinion just because it’s expressed with anger.

So, to be on the safe side, I will express my opinion without an angry tone or exasperated sarcasm. For America to be great again, we need President Trump back in the Whitehouse. Will it always be pretty, polite, and dignified? No. Trump is result-orientated; pushing, shoving, and shouting are often necessary to motivate real results. Need proof? Look how far America has fallen in just two years under Biden’s politically sophisticated and well-bred leadership.

I think we need Trump more than ever and if he isn’t given the chance to finish what he started six years ago, the implications are far more insidious than could possibly be imagined. But that’s a subject for a future post.

As important as Trump is to the future of this country, he pales in comparison to holding on to our true values as conservative Americans. I’m sorry Wendy, but the responsibility to save lives is always good. It’s good for the economy. It reduces crime (abortion is murder). It maintains a strong and viable population, and it’s not something that begins or ends at our border. Abortion, as a means of birth control, is absolutely wrong. The conservative platform should always contain a Pro-Life plank.

For now, Wendy is entitled to her opinion regarding Trump, abortion, and anything else she chooses to talk about because in America, free speech still exists, and everybody has a right to be wrong.

I don’t know Wendy personally, but I assume she has the family that she wants; a husband, children, and maybe even grandchildren. However, by forsaking life, she completely dismisses the fact that many men in America don’t have the family they want, and never will … Roe vs. Wade.

PS – Abortion is not illegal in the US; by overturning Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court simply put it back where it belongs, The States.

Yellowstone, Trump, and the Republican Party

Arguably the hottest in a hostile environment.

This is the first post in my 2022 mid-term election series.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton.

If you haven’t watched Yellowstone, then you’ve at least heard about it. That’s because it’s excellent TV. It harkens back to a time when ratings were used to reflect audience approval, rather than push a political agenda. Thirty years ago Yellowstone would own the Emmys, today, nothing. It’s a hostile environment, to say the least, but they flourish regardless.

President Trump is in a similar situation, the swamp has never been deeper, and many political insiders are already taking an opposing position to his run for a second term. There is no greater hostility than the political environment in which Trump has been immersed for years.

After the 2020 election results, President Trump spent a lot of time speaking about the rigged election that the Democrats stole. And I, until recently, wholeheartedly agreed. It was the only thing that made sense, especially, after 75 million voters tried to reelect him. By the way, that would have been a greater margin of victory (by far) than Barack Obama had.

Also, operating under the assumption that the election was compromised, I wondered why nobody was held accountable and why the courts didn’t take action when the lawsuits were filed. It was not only frustrating, but it was also very curious. With little else to work with, I assumed it was all because of the Swamp and its hostility towards Trump.

Without getting into the specifics of each, I think we all can agree that mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, ballot curing, and early (unverified) voting, is rife with fraud and should be illegal in every state. But the sad truth is — it’s not. And almost everywhere it’s acceptable; the state is either blue or purple (democrat or swing state).

What does that mean? It means that when the democrats hijacked (stole) the election, rules were not broken — bent, absolutely, but not broken. So the courts, after reviewing the cases literally had nothing to address, and Biden’s election stands today.

It breaks my conservative heart to admit this, but the Bus Driver Simple truth is, Biden’s election wasn’t illegally stolen, it was legally commandeered.

For a unique but accurate perspective, consider the position of American Indians today. The Yellowstone writers and producers have an ongoing subplot that questions the white man’s acquisition of Native American lands. Was it just? Was it criminal? Was it downright reprehensible? Whatever your opinion is, the laws of the time made most of it legal.

You could even argue that the laws were written by white men, not Indians, and therefore shouldn’t apply. But if that were relevant, why aren’t the majority of landlords in today’s America, Native American?

It reminds me of a flashback scene in Yellowstone, where, as a boy, John Dutton and his father come across an Indian tribe camping on their land. There’s a discussion between the senior Dutton and the tribe’s Chief. The Indians were there to bury one of the elders and the Chief asked Dutton, “Is this your land now?”

Dutton nods, “It is.”

“It used to be ours.”

“I didn’t take it from you.”

The Chief looks Dutton in the eye, “It still got took.”

These four words say it all.

The Indians, prior to the founding of America, thought it inconceivable to own land; it was like owning air. Land is just there to be used in the same way air is just there to breathe, and selling it to white men seemed like a good way to get valuables for nothing. That’s because they were playing by the old rules. We now know that land can be owned just like the air above it.

In Yellowstone, the Indian Tribes learned their lesson and started to leverage their position to gain power, money, and yes, more land. By doing so, they were able to reestablish a customary way of life and freely practice their traditions for generations to come.

Republicans need to make the same shift. The rules are what they are and the Democrats are using them to their advantage. Republicans need to get on board, fight fire with fire, win elections (not lose), and that’s when you can change the rules.

In 2020, the white man won the Presidential election. In 2022 the white men and women survived the mid-term election using the same techniques. If Republicans don’t get in the game, 2024 will go the same way.

President Trump, please fight fire with fire: canvas swing districts, legally harvest votes where possible, and vigorously solicit early and mail-in ballots where applicable. And when votes need to be cured, make sure they’re cured the Right-Way.

Win the election, and then change the rules.

Derek Hunter has a must-read article in Front Page Magazine that explains this further. Republicans Better Get Good at What Democrats Do, and Quick | Frontpage Mag

PS – If Bill Gates is of Native American descent, then I stand corrected about the landlord assumption.

How Do We Fix our Schools?

It’s simply American.

As promised in my previous post, Public vs Private schools , there is a solution to our troubled public school system. It’s as beautiful as a Donald Trump telephone call; it’s as American as apple pie; and in spite of anything you may hear in the future or heard in the past, it is simple.

First, we need to start viewing education as an industry, and we better do it soon because the left already does. Only their description starts with the word indoctrination, not education.

Does this look like a corporate headquarters or a school? It’s the Yale School of Management — and Industrial Indoctrination (just kidding … kind of).

Once we recognize that education is an industry in distress, it’s easy to understand the fix.

Step one: drastically reduce government regulation. Say what? Hear me out. In every instance where a suffering industry is released from the shackles of government regulation, it flourishes. Education is, and has been, suffering for a long time.

Step two: decentralize authority by taking it from Washington, DC, and giving it back to the states. We already know from past experience that what’s good for NYC isn’t necessarily good for Peoria, IL.

Step three: reward the best schools, teachers, and yes, even administrators with proper incentives. These incentives need to be fair and merit-based.

How do we accomplish all these seemingly impossible goals with the greatest of ease? Simple, introduce the perfect, most beautiful, and effective cure an ailing industry could possibly desire, free market competition. And the best way to do that is through school vouchers. Give parents the ability to vote with their dollars.

For a more detailed illustration of how it would work, please read this excerpt from a book published in 2014 (fictional reproduction with permission). It’s a conversation between two men about the public school system and how to fix it. Keep in mind, it takes place over eight years ago, but could be, and should be, taking place now.

Scott interjected. “Ray, we’re both products of the public school system. I think I came out okay, and most would argue that you didn’t do too badly either, so why the hostility? You don’t like our public schools?”

“I think every American child should be provided an education, and I don’t have a problem with government-mandated or funded education being the vehicle. But as a businessman, I do have a problem with monopolistic mediocrity. It’s the inevitable end for all monopolies as a function, it’s true in business, in government, and all you have to do to find an example of both is to look at our schools.”

Scott followed Ray’s lead. “Okay, let’s say that there’s a problem with our schools. How would you propose to fix it?”

“That’s not really much of a challenge. Introduce competition into the public school system and make them fight with proven results for every tax dollar. In twenty years you’ll have teachers making $100,000.00 a year, students in fifth-grade reading at tenth-grade levels, middle school kids resolving calculus proofs, and you wouldn’t need to raise taxes to do it.”

“Not raise taxes? Impossible.” Scott wasn’t seeing the forest for the trees.

“Not at all. Think about it. Americans would be better educated, more productive, and earn more money because of their increased capabilities. Then, as a result, they would pay more money into the system at the current tax rate. Eliminate redundancy and waste in the public school bureaucracy, limit spending, allow parents to choose which schools their kids attend, and then let the marketplace work its magic. The market will decide which schools get the money that we currently allocate and the problem of underpaid, underqualified teachers goes away.”

Scott wasn’t sold. “Teachers making 100 grand without a tax increase? I still don’t see how?”

“That’s because right now there are thousands of teachers who have no business teaching school. Think about it. If you did have a couple of 100 grand teachers, wouldn’t you expect to get higher productivity, quality, and efficiency out of each one? Of course you would.” Ray waited for Scott to catch up, but he could see that the wait would be long. “Oh for goodness sakes. The system is so bloated that for every 100 grand teacher you hire, you could fire three thirty-grand teachers. Isn’t that obvious? And the best part is—the equation starts to work as soon as it’s applied, and gets better with time. Five or ten years down the road, you have a streamlined, effective, and efficient school system filled with 100 grand teachers, or teachers aspiring to be 100 grand teachers. Each one, pulling his or her own weight and contributing their talents and expertise to a public school system that one day, may even provide a margin. Imagine that, public schools making a profit.”

“Don’t you mean surplus as in budget surplus?” Scott’s doubt seeped through his tone.

Ray sighed, “A first year student of economics would be capable of making the logic leap, but I’ll walk you through it, Scott. Say my budget is $1 billion and I only spend $950 million. That leaves me with a $50 million budget surplus. If I take that surplus and put it in a money market account or a high-quality municipal bond, the money is back in the system and working. I know this because my $50 million is earning interest. $50,000,000.00 times 2.5% is $1,250,000.00 profit. Another term for that is capital gains. Isn’t that ironic?”


“Public school systems across the country having to pay capital gains tax.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple?” Scott’s response was strictly defensive because Ray was making sense, even to him.

“Sure it is. The current bureaucracy doesn’t want you to think it’s easy, but it is. All you need to do is take the current federal and state budgets for education and cap them. Then, you take that money and distribute it to the people by issuing education vouchers.”

“Ray, wouldn’t that mean more governmental bureaucracy and massive layoffs?”

“No. The people whose jobs were eliminated by trimming the fat can be reassigned to processing the vouchers. Sure, they would earn less, but that’s because they shouldn’t be teaching in the first place. Besides, most of those people won’t take the new job. They’d be expected to work for a living instead of twiddling their collective thumbs while an obsolete union fights for their right to do so. They’ll quit, but that’ll make room for others who want to work, resulting in more productivity at less cost.

“By putting the purchasing decision into the consumer’s hands, you let the people decide which schools get funded, public or private—not some overpaid bureaucratic political flunky. Parents monitor the quality of the schools that they pay, and they do it voluntarily because they’re spending their money, not merely paying into a collective tax pool. Schools wanting more money will offer better programs and attract quality teachers with better pay incentives. They will in turn, draw more student vouchers and be able to expand their facilities while offering still higher salaries to keep the best teachers in place. When you add in the savings in commuting costs . . .”

“Commuting costs? Are you referring to busing? How would vouchers help that?” Scott was still missing the big picture.

“Not just busing and yes, routes would be shorter reducing costs however there’s another issue. You don’t have children yet, so you don’t know what it’s like to have to drop your kid off and pick him up at the end of the school day, or how much time and money goes into it, especially, when the school is inconveniently located. If parents have vouchers, they determine where a school is built, and that’s the key, the market decides, not some pork barrel government bureaucrat. It all benefits the children. Who knows? Maybe art, music, and P.E. will return and some of the displaced government bureaucrats with education degrees could get jobs teaching those subjects. Funding is the least of our problems. Parent involvement is a bigger issue and putting education vouchers in their hands gets them directly involved.

“If you’re a parent and you know you want your kid in a specific school, the same school thousands of other parents want their kids to attend, you’re going to take some time out at the end of the day to read with your son or daughter. Maybe you’ll work with flash cards, so math isn’t such a mystery, and by the time your child is ready for first grade, he or she is prepared to learn, not just attend. And because of the extra parenting, your kid is the one accepted into the school of your choice. It’s the other kids and their parents who have to settle. Scott, the studies have been done and the data is in; throwing money at a problem only makes the problem bigger.”

“You make it sound very simple.”

“No, I don’t. It simply is simple. But don’t worry, none of it will ever happen.”

Scott was a little disappointed to hear that. “Why?” He was beginning to see the forest—and it was green.

“Well, that’s simple too; it’s a simple truth. If I give you something that you think you’re getting for free and I give it to you year after year, eventually, you’ll learn to depend on it. At that point, why would I let you dictate to me how I’m going to give it to you? The answer is, I wouldn’t. You will take what you’re given, and you will be grateful to get it. This gives me extraordinary power because if that gift is your child’s free education, then they get educated the way I want, not the way you want. Liberal politicians have a death grip on public education, and there is no plan to loosen it. They wouldn’t dream of giving power like that back to their constituents . . . which is what would happen if they issued parents public education vouchers. And here’s the kicker, the free education everyone clamors for—it isn’t free, it’s paid for through property taxes.”

“True enough, but not everyone pays property taxes. I don’t, I rent.”

Scott’s statement took Ray aback, obviously, the result of public schools, he regrouped. “Okay—now try to follow along because this is going to get a little complicated, it’s actually basic economics, but I’ll try to keep it simple—er.” Ray took a deep breath. “Most people who don’t have very much aren’t property owners, and they don’t pay property taxes, they pay rent, for them, public education seems free. But wait, there’s a dirty little secret, one that landlords like me keep quiet about because we pay a lot of property taxes. Do you know what that secret is? We get the money to pay our taxes from those who rent; rent is our source of income. Likewise, homeowners get the money to pay property taxes from doing their job; work is their source of income, same as renters. Who pays the landlords, the private homeowners, and even the renters who don’t own property? The consumer pays them—that’s who. Therefore, everybody pays for free education, and Scott, that makes the term free education a perfect oxymoron.”

I don’t know about you, but I think this idea was ahead of its time, and more importantly, I think its time, has come. How about you?

Trump Won

I spoke to a Billionaire, about the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

So how does a lowly bus driver know a billionaire? That’s an excellent question, but the answer is a long, drawn-out story that won’t fit in a post.

That said. I was curious about his take on what happened, and I thought you might be too. The conversation went like this.

We were talking on the phone (old school), no Skype or Zoom, so all I heard was a pregnant pause when I asked about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Then, “Well, you have to admire the man.”

“Sure. He’s a billionaire, a former President, who by the way, won his first political race ever, by becoming President. People conveniently forget that.” I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a fan.

“I’m not talking about the obvious. I’m talking about what I admire, not what everyone else should admire.”

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I’m just a bus driver. “OK, I’ll bite.”

“I first heard about it when my assistant called.”

“Yeah, that’s how I found out too.” Just for the record, that was sarcasm; I do not have an assistant.

He ignored me and continued. “I didn’t know what to make of it at first. I’ll tell you this: if it happened to me, I wouldn’t have leaked it until after I figured out what was going on. I think Trump announced it as it happened.”

“Well, Trump was the most transparent President we ever had. It only makes sense.”

“No. It only makes sense if you have a plan. That’s what I admire. Trump is playing chess, and when the DOJ made their move, Trump countered, ‘Check’. Did you see Merrick Garland’s face during that press conference? It was days after the raid and Garland looked like a beat dog. If things had gone his way, he’d be smirking like a Cheshire cat.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” But obviously, your assistant doesn’t read my blog or you’d already know. The rest of you can catch up later, see https://davydsblog.wordpress.com/2022/08/16/president-trump-merrick-garland-and-ray-pollard/

I had to frame my next question carefully. Why? Because I know how long these conversations last, and time was running short. “So if Trump had a plan, what was it, and what was the endgame?”

“To answer that, you need to know that the DOJ had two objectives. The first was to gather as much incriminating evidence on whatever might be there, just in case it was there, waiting to be found. It didn’t matter what it was. The evidence would be used to get an indictment that could negatively influence the upcoming midterms. That’s why they did it when they did, right on the 90-day limit for investigations before an election. But it isn’t why the FBI shipped in Washington agents rather than use the local field office.”

I forgot about that. “Why did they?”

“Because of the second objective. And this is actually the most important. The election is looking bad for them and the DOJ has legal culpability like you wouldn’t believe. It extends far and wide. Plus, it isn’t limited to the DOJ. There are a lot of department heads, from various government agencies, all wanting to know what Trump has on them before it’s too late. The Mar-a-Lago raid was a fishing expedition. That explains the broad warrant and the redacted affidavit. But they came up empty.”

“That’s a good thing, right?”

Sometimes billionaires use too many pregnant pauses. “Look, this is just my perspective, and I don’t know much more than anyone else, but that raid was a bold move, and it reeks of desperation. I think they were trying to find out if whatever Trump has, is worth an assassination attempt.”

“No way!” Did the thought ever occur to me? Yes. Did I dismiss it immediately? Yes. But when someone else says it, the thought becomes instantly real. Too real.

He went on, “We’ve been living in a third-world country since Biden took office. Why wouldn’t they do what third-world countries do? They got nothing from the raid except a slap in the face. They’re more desperate than ever.”

“Who do you think will come out on top, Trump or the Deep State?”

“I have to go now. I have calls waiting. Good talking to you Davyd.”

Same here.”

The call ended.

I know that seemed a little abrupt, but here’s something you need to understand. I don’t call billionaires on the phone. There’s one billionaire who calls me. Actually, it’s his assistant who does the calling part. Also, I work 40 hours a week (not including OT), which means when I talk on the phone, my time isn’t even worth 50 cents a minute. I think I heard somewhere that Bill Gates earns 7,160 dollars per minute. Obviously, I take what I can get.

When you look like this, you better earn 7,160 dollars per minute. 😊

President Trump, Merrick Garland, and Ray Pollard

Where’s the stupid?

I’m going to open this post with a statement that I think we can all agree upon. Nobody becomes a billionaire, and stays a billionaire, by being stupid.

Attorney General Merrick Garland

Did you see Garland’s face during his recent press release regarding the raid on Mar-a-Lago? He looked (and sounded) as though he was forcing his words while defending the actions of the DOJ and FBI. His feigned sincerity about holding firm to the concept of equal application of the law was on full display. I don’t think there’s a rational human being over the age of twenty-one that believed him (including Merrick). But for those who still don’t get it, here are two names not being treated equally under the law, Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. The DOJ, along with the FBI, have more than enough evidence to pursue indictments yet nary a prosecution exists … There’s some stupid.

Uh-Oh. What did I do now? (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Back to the mannerisms of Garland during the Mar-a-Lago raid presser, he didn’t look like a man uncomfortable with lying to the American public. No. He’s perfectly comfortable with lying. He also didn’t look to me like a man upset about the failure of the DOJ or FBI. Political bureaucrats like Merrick make a career out of failure (see anything Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.).

To me, Merrick Garland has the unmistakable look of a man who considers himself one of the smartest men in the room, a sophisticated aristocrat, and a man who just got publically duped … I see some more stupid here.

Classic Trump ready to fight

(906) FULL MAGA RALLY: President Trump in Grand Rapids, MI – YouTube

President Donald J. Trump

President Trump lacks sophistication, an aristocratic pedigree, and a vocabulary that makes him sound smart. For average Americans, these are refreshing qualities that the Deep State finds repugnant. Trump isn’t the type to spend his evening sipping martinis on 5th Avenue while debating the value of Leninist/Marxism (modern communism), the new world order of ESG (Environmental Social Governance), and CRT (Critical Race Theory) in public schools. Oh, and let’s not forget your son’s right to compete in female sports.

President Trump promotes American values for America, American capitalism, American nationalism (a good thing), and that’s what he talks about. He speaks of making America safe again. He speaks of making America strong again. He speaks about Making America Great Again.

But DJT isn’t just about talk. Keep in mind, that before President Trump ever took office, his list of accomplishments far outweighed anything Merrick Garland ever did or ever attempted to do. Need proof? Trump was, and still is, a billionaire … Not much stupid here.

That brings us to the last name on this list.

No current pictures of Raymond Pollard are available.

Ray Pollard

Raymond Pollard is a billionaire that you never heard of and probably won’t hear about again. In his world, anonymity is crucial and completely by design. Like DJT, Ray (don’t call him Raymond), lacks an aristocratic lineage, he’s only as sophisticated as his last cigar, and if he counted his money, fingers and toes wouldn’t be adequate to tally the billions.

Ray never attended Wharton, but that wouldn’t serve him well because he never intended to be a billionaire. Education can originate anywhere. Take for example college, where you learn to THINK like everyone else. Then, there are trade schools where you learn to DO like everyone else. And then, there is life, where if you pay attention, you learn to do things your way.

If Ray ran for President and had four years of spectacular service, while at the same time withstanding the onslaught of attacks from the political establishment, he too would know that his reelection loss was due to cheating. The people he’d have to defeat in the future play by no rules, or they change the rules as they see fit.

But if life has taught Ray anything, it’s this. When people in power get away with abusing it for too long, their hubris feeds their ineptitude.

Ray in Trump’s shoes, the raid …

The National Archive Investigators (FBI) just left Ray’s Florida mansion after doing a preliminary investigation. They were looking for classified documents that may have inadvertently made their way to a secured storage area on the premises. Documents were found, and a request was made by investigators to increase the storage security with a simple padlock. The entire estate has more security than Fort Knox, but the investigators thought it necessary to add a padlock. There were NO classified or important documents immediately seized.

WWRD (what would Ray do)

Ray would comply and install the lock. But then, he’d ask himself a simplistic, streetwise question involving a juxtaposed point of view.  Why would I do what just happened here and what would I really be looking for? Having correctly determined the answers to the two-part question, Ray would give the deep state swamp things precisely what they weren’t after.  And he would give it to them at a time of his choosing.

An inappropriate leak from an anonymous source, and the DOJ signs a bogus warrant. The FBI armed with a broad, overreaching search warrant (warrants are supposed to be specific), raid a former President’s home. Ray isn’t even there when the raid happens, but that was by design too.

More than a week after the raid and nothing of substance is leaked. What does that tell you? What are the odds that just like Russia collusion, the democrats came up empty?


Now you know why Merrick Garland looked and sounded the way he did during the press conference.

And why Joe Biden had his most productive week ever as president and all anyone talks about is Mar-a-Lago.

And by the way, where’s Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI? Not a word about any of this from the Director himself. Is he setting Merrick up to take the fall?

PS – If you think the FBI is out of control, just wait until an armed IRS agent knocks on your door.

PPS – To read more about Ray click here http://www.amazon.com/Positives-Negatives-Tricycles-Pancakes-1-ebook/dp/B00MZD3A98/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408894602&sr=8-1&keywords=positives+%26+negatives%2C+tricycles

The Talk of the Town

Or in this case the country.


First, I need to set the record straight when it comes to my opinion of Governor DeSantis’ political future. I have no doubt that he will one day be president. But (and I know this is selfish) we Floridians need him right where he is. DeSantis still has work to do for the FSF (Free State of Florida), and he needs time to lay the groundwork for his predecessor to carry on after he terms out.

Now for my post:

I’ve heard a lot of back and forth lately about whether or not President Trump will run again in 2024. I think the answer is pretty clear. Barring a complete upset in the 2022 mid-term election, there should be a substantial shift in congress and a surge in conservative values. I don’t think he’d be able to resist.

So, the question isn’t whether or not President Trump will run in 2024, it’s who will be his running mate. Many names are floating around like Kristi Noem, Nikki Haley, Rick Scott, and Kim Reynolds, to name a few. All are quality individuals and represent a vast improvement over our current VP, Kamala Harris. But one name keeps coming to the surface and seems to be a front runner, our very own Governor Ron DeSantis of the Free State of Florida.

DeSantis doing his thing for the Free State of Florida.

Personally, I think a Trump/DeSantis ticket would be a sure win and help ensure a conservative Whitehouse for the next three terms. But there’s a huge BUT. It lies in personalities. While President Trump certainly doesn’t have to worry about being eclipsed by anyone, including Gov. DeSantis, both men standing apart are presidential material. For that reason, I can see President Trump choosing another. Though, if Trump chose DeSantis, I don’t think there would be any doubt about DeSantis’ loyalty. If there were disagreements between the two, DeSantis would pinch his nose, restrain his ego, and do his job to the best of his ability.

However, I can see it from the other side as well. It’s a valid concern. Two overpowering and politically astute personalities in one Whitehouse would be difficult to constrain. One delectable alternative would be a future where reelected President Donald J. Trump, and reelected Governor Ron DeSantis, work closely to restore this great country of ours. Obviously, this would be my preferred scenario, but there is another.

President Donald J. Trump MAGA. He can do it twice.


Far be it from me to suggest that President Trump take political advice from a lowly bus driver in the FSF. Heck, He already won two elections without it so … I won’t give advice. I would like to point out an observation instead. It’s the type of thing only someone in my position would notice.

On the roads of Florida, I see auto tags from all over the country. Most are from the Northeast, a few from the Midwest, and every once in a while, I see an Arizona, Nevada, or California tag. In the past, they all had one thing in common. The people in these cars were on vacation, never to be seen again, only replaced. This commonality was true for years and years.

But a few months ago, I noticed a change. Last week I saw so many California tags that I lost count, and as remarkable as it may sound, I saw two Hawaii tags. You might ask yourself (as I did), why would anyone drive from California, or ship their car all the way from Hawaii, just to vacation in Florida?

The answer is freedom.

These people aren’t on vacation; they’re relocating to the FSF (Free State of Florida). I know this to be true because I keep seeing the same vehicles, week after week. Instead of leaving, they eventually get a FSF tag, and the transformation is complete. My only hope is that they left their toxic-woke-progressive ideology right where it belongs, north of the Florida Georgia Line.

What’s the point of all this? Well, if you consider the substantial increase in those moving to Florida from as far away as California and Hawaii, then you have to consider the vast number of Americans who can’t afford to uproot their families and relocate. They find themselves trapped with no place to go.

If I found myself in that position, regardless of my party affiliation, I would vote for a presidential ticket that not only promises to Make America Great Again; but also has the potential to keep it Great and Free for years to come. Trump/DeSantis in 2024 may not be so farfetched.

PS – And I repeat. Speaking purely as a Free Floridian, we need DeSantis to stay right where he is for one more term. It gives him the time he needs to pave the way for his predecessor, someone who will continue his legacy of conservative governance and stay the course. Then, he can concentrate on his 2028 election following President Trump.

Biden’s Election, Putin’s War

Biden forgot his own rules.

The events in Ukraine remind me of the 2020 election in many ways. There are rules for the proper implementation of a fair election. There are rules for the proper implementation of war.

By now, it should be clear to you that the only reason Biden is your president is because the democrats broke election laws and cheated the American people out of a fair and honest election. Why? They did it because that was the only way they could win.

Putin is conducting war in Ukraine; he is bombing schools, hospitals, civilians in flight, civilian infrastructure, nuclear power plants, and now, journalists. He has already used vacuum bombs. Individually and collectively, these are war crimes. He is breaking all the rules because Ukraine is fighting back regardless of American assistance, and Russia hasn’t won, not yet. He has threatened escalation in the past, acted upon it, and will do it again without hesitation. Putin doesn’t take Biden seriously as a leader, which only encourages him to make more threats. These are not opinions; these are facts.


Biden is an incompetent leader. That is also a fact. He was supposed to be a unifier; look what we got. He was supposed to be experienced in diplomacy; look what we got. He was supposed to be tough (remember Corn-Pop and taking Trump behind the shed for a beating); look what we got.

Trump is the enemy! Putin and Xi are insignias just like the Uraniums

Putin can’t lose because if he does, he’ll be prosecuted for war crimes. If we send jets to Ukraine and establish a no-fly zone, then Putin threatens Biden with chemical, biological, and nuclear escalation leading to WWIII. As far as Putin is concerned, it’s just another war crime. What does he have to lose? And what does the Pansy in the Whitehouse do? He backs down. Why? Because Putin is conducting WWIII right now, regardless of Joe Biden’s attempts at appeasement.  

And winning is the only option— just like the democrats in 2020.

50 Million Barrels

What does that really mean?

There’s a RBDBE …*

Last week Joe Biden announced that he was going to release 50 million barrels of oil from America’s SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) to help rein in gas and heating oil prices for Thanksgiving.

Joe, is that your I’ve got gas face, or I just made another boom-boom face?

YAY! —Joe’s actually doing something.

Okay, all joking aside. I went to work the next morning thinking that something didn’t make sense about the SPR release, but … Fortunately, I had ten hours of blissful bus driving to contemplate the ramifications of Joe’s wondrous deed.

One of the first things to cross my layperson’s mind was a question. With the price of oil skyrocketing, why would a president put our collective security at risk by squandering the SPR? We need that oil for real emergencies, not those manufactured by Biden’s ineptitude.

Then, it occurred to me that the reason he did it was simple. It’s easy. It’s also meaningless. While 50 million barrels sounds like a lot of oil to you and me, those in-the-know, know that America burns through 50 million barrels every two days, give or take 12 hours depending on things like holidays and weather conditions. When I say those in-the-know, that should include the Biden administration but obviously doesn’t.

So 50 million barrels is meaningless, and the proof is there for all to see. What’s the price of gas today? Hmmm? Biden doesn’t care whether you pay $4 or $5 a gallon at the pump. The important thing for him is being able to say that he did something. Besides, when no one is looking, the Biden administration will just buy back that 50 million barrels and Bob’s-Your-Uncle.

I promised an RBDBE, and here it is. It’s something that I haven’t heard anyone report on, so I’ll do my best to throw it out there myself.

Today, under Biden’s dysfunctional economy, the price of oil is just over $83 a barrel. Back in the summer of 2020, during the Trump economic success story, the price of oil bottomed out at just over $12 a barrel. Folks, I’m not making this up. You can fact-check it for yourself if you need to, but if you drive a car or buy just about anything, you know it’s true.

Under President Trump, we purchased oil for $12 a barrel times 50 million barrels =

$600 Million

Under Joe Biden, we purchase oil for $83 a barrel times 50 million barrels =

$4.15 Billion

Millions to Billions: Biden’s 50 Million Barrel SPR release is meaningless from every angle except one, more inflation.

PS – At this point, we have to ask ourselves an increasingly vital question. Is the Biden administration entirely inept, or is it entirely adept … at being un-American?

*If this is your first time, RBDBE is a Random Bus Driver Brain Eruption.

Most of the Time

I have no idea

Most of the time, I have no idea what I’m going to write about until I sit down and write it. But today, I did. Does 52 million barrels ring a bell? Then, I turned on the TV and surprise-surprise, oil was no longer a headline.

The headline for today: there’s a new covid variant (omicron)* out there and Biden is starting the covid protocols all over again, beginning with travel bans. We’re just following the science I’m sure. Except, the scientists have already said travel bans don’t work once the virus is out. And guess what? Biden is more than a day late (more like two weeks) and more than a few common sense short.

Two points:

1 – While travel bans may work in the beginning when a virus or a variant is discovered, Biden’s travel ban is just like all other Biden plans, too little—too late. Unless it involves government spending, then, too little—too late, is an oxymoron.

2 – If we’re going to name variants using the Greek alphabet, then what happened to Xi? Oh, maybe China’s President Xi doesn’t like the coincidental spelling. You know, just like he didn’t like covid being called the Wuhan or Chinese virus.

Covid and its variants are going to be around in perpetuity. Why? Covid is the perfect excuse for government over-reach and excessive regulation. People are afraid of it. Ask yourself a question. Why don’t we have travel bans for Flu outbreaks? The Flu mutates more, it’s just as contagious (if not more), and it kills more.

Let’s face it folks. Until we change this government, Biden will continue on his path of failure because that’s all he’s good at—failing.

Do you remember the Carter Malaise back in the 70’s? That’s our future, and Joe is proudly leading the way with excessive government regulation, taxation, high fuel costs, and inflation. The cure for Jimmy Carter was Ronald W. Reagan. The cure for Joe Biden is Donald J. Trump.

*Omicron was discovered almost two weeks ago.

PS – 52 million barrels are coming to a post near you. But I’m rapidly running out of daylight, and this bus driver needs to drive a lawnmower.