800 People — a Red Tide

Or more than 250,000 a year, incrementalism at work.

This is the third installment of my 2022 mid-term election posts.

According to the latest woke media accounts, nearly 800 people a day are relocating to the Free State of Florida. Of course, that number may even be higher but for the purposes of this post, it’s more than sufficient.

Pure propaganda! Florida does NOT look like this.

Now. Do my eyes and ears deceive me, or has the Liberal-Progressive movement forgotten the importance of incrementalism? They’re all running victory laps on radio, TV, and the internet, because the anticipated mid-term election didn’t result in a Red Tidal Wave. It was more of a seasonal tide. Still, a victory is a victory, and let’s not forget that the popular vote went conservative.

Joe Biden and his Whitehouse staff are taking the Red Ripple (as they call it) for a mandate of their failing policies, and Joe thinks he’s unstoppably popular. But I think the left is closing its eyes to the truth so it can believe its own lies.

This is what moving to Florida really looks like. Don’t forget that spare wagon wheel. BTW, Florida is flat so you don’t need horses. Everyone pulls their own weight.

Keeping in mind that there’s always a little truth in every good lie, here’s how your friendly neighborhood Simple Bus Driver sees it.

Joe Biden is very popular, and the midterms prove it. True enough. But this popularity extends only to the Progressive Left. The same is true for all other liberal candidates who won election or re-election in the midterms. The voters electing these people are the democrat party’s core constituents, and they’re staying put. They live in blue states, they always have, and thank goodness for the Free State of Florida and her citizens, they always will.

But here’s the point they overlook, incrementalism is effectively making Florida the electoral powerhouse of the east coast. In just 7 years, there will be another census. New York (and the rest of the Northeast) won’t even be a close second to the Florida-Texas juggernaut that’s building today. New York and the surrounding states are losing population and with it, their influence on national policy. Because of population migration, they’ll lose power in the House of Representatives and by extension, the Electoral College.  It’s a major reason why the Left opposes the Electoral College and fervently supports DC statehood (another blue state).

States like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are locked into their election results because the opposing side has either moved away or plans to in the very near future. The same is true of states like Washington, Oregon, and California. As I implied earlier, each is losing its population to Texas.

It’s a slippery slope, but Blue states have only one option: deepen the hue. How else do you explain Pennsylvania? First, they elect a senator who can’t string a coherent thought together, let alone a sentence. In retrospect, this might be good for Pennsylvanians since when Senator Fetterman could think and speak; he wanted to release murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, all while defunding the police.

But wait, not to be outdone by others, in the same election Pennsylvanians re-elected Anthony “Tony” DeLuca in a landslide. There’s just one problem, besides the fact that he’s a Democrat, he’s also dead, not just politically, he’s actually deceased.

The only rational explanation is that the people in these blue states do not vote issues, they vote party; the Bluer the party, the bigger the voting bloc. It’s these people, the northeast and west coast liberal progressives, which will be the first in line to register under the new Democrat-Communist Party of America in the not-too-distant future.

PS – Our first civil war was fought over slavery; our second will be fought over freedom for all. G-d help us if the North wins again.

Benedict Arnold in a Half-Shell, Rise of the Turtle

Mitch McConnell is the republican Nancy Pelosi.

This is the second in my series of posts to explain what happened to the 2022 Red Tsunami, and why it turned into a gentle red tide. In case you missed it, here’s the first.

Another crucial reason for the mid-term fizzle, one that isn’t getting the attention it should, rests squarely on the shoulders of Mitch McConnell. Of course, if you’re a Democrat or part of the democratic propaganda machine, then you have reason to celebrate the “Turtle.” But if you’re a Republican who thought real and immediate change was going to begin on November 8, 2022, it pains me to say this, but it won’t. And a big sarcastic thank you needs to be extended to — the “Turtle.”

Do you see it? Do you?

As Nancy Pelosi was so adept at doing in the Democratic Party, Mitch McConnell attempted to use the Republican Party to concentrate his personal power to the detriment of the rest of us. And he was successful. With his reelection as Senate Minority Leader, he will continue to influence the daily lives of the subservient (you and me), while at the same time, substantially increasing the fortune he’s already amassed.

Political office was never meant to be a viable source of income, or a career, which is why elective office comes with a relatively small paycheck, as it should. Politics was supposed to be a civic duty, a way to give back, not take.

Maybe you can explain to me why someone will spend millions of dollars every election cycle to be elected to a job that pays approximately $170,000 per year. While you’re at it, maybe you can explain how congressmen always retire as millionaires. Not sometimes, always, how is that possible?

The way to take careers out of politics, and bring civic duty back to political office, is through term limits. Will there still be outside financial influence from lobbyists? Sure, but at an exponentially reduced rate. I feel bad (only a little), for those few who became career politicians and still keep the needs of the people on the forefront, but it’s time for term limits.

So, let’s get back to my lead-in topic.

How did the “Turtle” retain his power? The answer lies in the power of the purse. He intentionally diverted funds away from the campaigns of rising star Republicans who would vote against him as Minority Leader. These were the no-name newcomers who bought into the idea that fresh blood was needed to effect change. And they were right.

But changing back to American values like fair elections, no indoctrination in public schools, and good old-fashioned hard work instead of handouts, is going to cost money too. Lots of it, and probably more than the Democrats spent getting us to the Woke Hell we live in today.

McConnell knows this better than anyone, and by diverting funds the way he did, he guaranteed democratic victories in key states that were winnable. So rather than lose his position as Minority Leader (and all the benefits it brings him), he sacrificed a senate majority and the welfare of a nation. Who else does this sound like? Does Nancy Pelosi ring a bell? Mitch and Nancy are two peas in a pod.

It’s the deep state at work, and the ones who should be the most infuriated (after the American People) are the republican Senators who just had their power whittled to a nub. If they don’t organize and take decisive action against this Benedict Arnold in a Half-Shell, it will be irrefutable evidence of the Deep State and its deleterious influence on the American way of life.

It bears repeating because it’s a major reason why the Red Tsunami turned into a gentle red tide. Mitch McConnell, by using his authority to distribute funds, withheld funds from Republicans who were poised to win. Why would Turtle McConnell snatch defeat from victory as established republicans always do? The answer is bus driver simple, self-interest, both political (power) and financial (greed).

Pelosi and McConnell are two sides of the same coin, career politicians. The “Turtle” proved it by showing his true colors. They aren’t Red, White, or even Blue. His color is Green, greener than the greenest sea turtle.

I know it isn’t a sea turtle, but come on …. He’s the perennial poster boy for term limits.

Our founding fathers never considered the possibility of career politicians. Political service was a civic duty you took on at great expense because you wanted to work for your country, not yourself.

Yellowstone, Trump, and the Republican Party

Arguably the hottest in a hostile environment.

This is the first post in my 2022 mid-term election series.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton.

If you haven’t watched Yellowstone, then you’ve at least heard about it. That’s because it’s excellent TV. It harkens back to a time when ratings were used to reflect audience approval, rather than push a political agenda. Thirty years ago Yellowstone would own the Emmys, today, nothing. It’s a hostile environment, to say the least, but they flourish regardless.

President Trump is in a similar situation, the swamp has never been deeper, and many political insiders are already taking an opposing position to his run for a second term. There is no greater hostility than the political environment in which Trump has been immersed for years.

After the 2020 election results, President Trump spent a lot of time speaking about the rigged election that the Democrats stole. And I, until recently, wholeheartedly agreed. It was the only thing that made sense, especially, after 75 million voters tried to reelect him. By the way, that would have been a greater margin of victory (by far) than Barack Obama had.

Also, operating under the assumption that the election was compromised, I wondered why nobody was held accountable and why the courts didn’t take action when the lawsuits were filed. It was not only frustrating, but it was also very curious. With little else to work with, I assumed it was all because of the Swamp and its hostility towards Trump.

Without getting into the specifics of each, I think we all can agree that mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, ballot curing, and early (unverified) voting, is rife with fraud and should be illegal in every state. But the sad truth is — it’s not. And almost everywhere it’s acceptable; the state is either blue or purple (democrat or swing state).

What does that mean? It means that when the democrats hijacked (stole) the election, rules were not broken — bent, absolutely, but not broken. So the courts, after reviewing the cases literally had nothing to address, and Biden’s election stands today.

It breaks my conservative heart to admit this, but the Bus Driver Simple truth is, Biden’s election wasn’t illegally stolen, it was legally commandeered.

For a unique but accurate perspective, consider the position of American Indians today. The Yellowstone writers and producers have an ongoing subplot that questions the white man’s acquisition of Native American lands. Was it just? Was it criminal? Was it downright reprehensible? Whatever your opinion is, the laws of the time made most of it legal.

You could even argue that the laws were written by white men, not Indians, and therefore shouldn’t apply. But if that were relevant, why aren’t the majority of landlords in today’s America, Native American?

It reminds me of a flashback scene in Yellowstone, where, as a boy, John Dutton and his father come across an Indian tribe camping on their land. There’s a discussion between the senior Dutton and the tribe’s Chief. The Indians were there to bury one of the elders and the Chief asked Dutton, “Is this your land now?”

Dutton nods, “It is.”

“It used to be ours.”

“I didn’t take it from you.”

The Chief looks Dutton in the eye, “It still got took.”

These four words say it all.

The Indians, prior to the founding of America, thought it inconceivable to own land; it was like owning air. Land is just there to be used in the same way air is just there to breathe, and selling it to white men seemed like a good way to get valuables for nothing. That’s because they were playing by the old rules. We now know that land can be owned just like the air above it.

In Yellowstone, the Indian Tribes learned their lesson and started to leverage their position to gain power, money, and yes, more land. By doing so, they were able to reestablish a customary way of life and freely practice their traditions for generations to come.

Republicans need to make the same shift. The rules are what they are and the Democrats are using them to their advantage. Republicans need to get on board, fight fire with fire, win elections (not lose), and that’s when you can change the rules.

In 2020, the white man won the Presidential election. In 2022 the white men and women survived the mid-term election using the same techniques. If Republicans don’t get in the game, 2024 will go the same way.

President Trump, please fight fire with fire: canvas swing districts, legally harvest votes where possible, and vigorously solicit early and mail-in ballots where applicable. And when votes need to be cured, make sure they’re cured the Right-Way.

Win the election, and then change the rules.

Derek Hunter has a must-read article in Front Page Magazine that explains this further. Republicans Better Get Good at What Democrats Do, and Quick | Frontpage Mag

PS – If Bill Gates is of Native American descent, then I stand corrected about the landlord assumption.

Judeo-Christian Americans 

Read this before you vote.

As I’ve pointed out before, Israel must stand as the Promised Land. It must stand as the Jewish State. These are facts that the bible is unequivocal about.

Joe Biden, in his unwavering support of the State of Israel (ha-ha), and his steadfast belief in the … Oh, you know, the thing … has once again, screwed the pooch on the world stage.

With its latest election results, Israel, has started on an irrefutable journey to reverse her past woke mistakes. Riding a wave of conservative logic, Mr. Netanyahu, in a decisive victory, won a third term as Prime Minister. This event occurred on November 01, 2022.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the man democrats call Mr. President, has yet to pick up a phone and call Prime Minister Netanyahu to congratulate him. Everyone else has. But Joe, among other things, seems to have forgotten the Prime Minister’s number.

Do you know who has called from the United States? And do you know to whom the call was made?

Our esteemed Secretary of State, Blinken, made sure to call Palestinian Leader Mahmud Abbas. The reason for the call was to confirm United States’ support for a Palestinian State on Israeli land. This — at a time when Ned Price, spokesman for the Biden administration, has publicly acknowledged great concern over Iran’s threats to attack Saudi Arabia.

In a sea of political instability and turmoil, the Jewish State of Israel plays an extraordinary role in maintaining world peace. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a strong, enduring, democracy in the Middle East.

I guess Joe (LGB) Biden, forgot about Moses, and the promise that the Thing made to those people … you know, those people in the desert.

Moses at the precipice, as are we.

Elections have consequences, and the journey for America to correct her Woke mistakes starts tomorrow.


Facebook has done it again.

I guess my last post struck a nerve. Since posting it, I haven’t been able to auto share to this blog or post any public comments. I’ll try to link manually, but the last time this happened, it was a waste of time. I was idle for about two weeks-ish.

So, Facebook has placed me in time-out because why? Does a billionaire like M. Zucker-Butt find me, a little old Simple Bus Driver, with my little old conservative blog, a threat?

It’s the day before election day, what do you think? Free speech is under attack yet again.

In the past, shortly after Facebook put me in time-out, Twitter did too. Funny thing, today, Twitter still works for Simple Bus Drivers with something to say. Yay! Go Elon!

Look at that face (only a mother could love). Would you trust this guy to take politics out of facebook?

PS – Just another reason to subscribe directly to this blog. It’s easy, just enter your email address on the side.

Washington, DC Says NO to Florida

Florida State Legislature Passes HB 1013


A bill passed by Florida legislators seeks to make daylight saving time year-round.

Sunshine Daydream: Florida Bill Would Make Daylight Saving Time Year-Round


It’s the Saturday before the mid-term election (2022), and tonight when the State of Florida goes to sleep, many of her citizens won’t know what to expect in the morning.

Do we, or don’t we, change the clocks?

It’s a time crunch question that Floridians ask every fall and spring for the past four years. Many of us will simply go to sleep and find out our destiny in the morning. For most, it’s an inconvenience that we’ve all dealt with in the past, and will do so in the future. But there’s a really good reason why that shouldn’t be.

Way back in the year 2018, the Florida Legislature, in a bipartisan vote, passed HB (house bill) 1013, otherwise known as the Daylight Protection Act (DPA). Yet here we are four years later and Floridians are still screwing around with their clocks.

I wondered why. So this inquisitive Simple Bus Driver did what comes naturally to inquisitive simple bus drivers. I asked Google. And here’s what I found.

Tonight, despite passage of the DPA, Floridians will turn back their clocks and lose that precious hour of daylight once again. It’s all because of the way the Florida DPA is written. It was passed, and stands today, as state legislation that inextricably ties us to a bigger federal version of the same bill. As I understand it, this larger bill is nationwide and represents a huge hurdle to overcome because a majority of states (not just Florida) have to be on board with the idea.

But wait! It just so happens that a majority of states are on board with the DPA and multiple pleas to vote on it have gone unaddressed by whom? You guessed it, the democrat controlled House and Senate.

So here we are; the Free State of Florida isn’t quite as free from the shackles of tyranny as we thought we were. The Washington DC autocrats (liberal politicians) have their collective thumbs in places you can’t imagine. And this leads me to an even bigger issue. It’s one that should concern every American, not just Floridians.

Sticking with my DPA example, the determination of how a state sets its clocks should be made by the state, not the federal government. What’s good in Florida may not be good in Alaska, just like what’s good in Washington DC, is typically not very good anywhere else. If DC can use its power to subjugate Floridians on such a minor issue as the DPA, what else are they subjugating us on?

In the end, elections have consequences, so Vote!

And if you like the O’Biden America of today — just remember Democrats, this year you only get to vote once.

PS – Why was the legislation written the way it was in the first place? I think the onus here is on Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and Vern Buchanan. The Florida legislature should rewrite the DPA for Floridians only. Florida will pass it again as a Florida law, and DC can go pound sand. If other states want the same thing, they can write their own laws.

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