A bus driver bloviates as life passes by.

Conservative Op-Eds for your enjoyment, criticism, and/or agreement.

L. Davyd Pollack

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Positives & Negatives, Tricycles & Pancakes

But for now, just know that I’m a metro bus driver and before I drove for the city, I drove school buses. I’m not (particularly) politically astute, but I do have opinions. These opinions, fueled by the dozens of random thoughts I have on any given day; are influenced by the unique perspective this world of ours only provides someone like me, a bus driver. 

I started this blog out of frustration. The Woke culture of silencing opposition was simply too much to bear. Basically, I wanted to freely express my opinion without being interrupted or shut down.

As a bus driver, I have many opportunities during the day (aka long traffic lights) to have what I call R-BDBE’s*. These represent the raw beginnings for most of my posts and are usually inspired by current events, or the insipid activities of urban drivers. Fortunately for this blog, there’re a lot of traffic lights on my route.

My passengers represent yet another source of blogging material. Though less reliable, they’re often hilarious beyond compare. Usually, I use them as blog subjects only on slow news days and they succeed beyond their wildest imaginations, or knowledge, since none of them read—this blog.

So sit back and relax, read a little, read a lot, and then feel free to agree or disagree. As long as your comments are not vulgar, malicious, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate, they will be approved.

Oh yeah — apparently some people think I can write.

*R-BDBE’s (random-bus driver brain eruptions) or BDBE’s when they aren’t so random.

Learn all about me at http://www.LDavydPollack.com

Don’t forget to check out my new feature, Bumper Sticker of the Month. use the search feature. Sadly, I have plenty of time to read bumper stickers.

Also, search Bus Driver Stories, for the funny stuff.

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