The New Me

First, a brief history.

I originally created this blog as a platform to vent the frustrations of being an independent (indie) author/publisher. That was just before some major life changes took place. I’m not going to bore you with the particulars, suffice it to say, my dream job of being an indie had to take a backseat to gainful employment, and fast.

It was touch and go for a long time. So when I tell you that I was down to my last $1.50, and the next bank closing cycle was going to wipe it out with minimum fees, well … it would be a lie. I only had $1.37 in the account. But thanks to direct deposit and my new dream job as a bus driver, I didn’t go bankrupt.

With a new job and a new perspective, I’ve resurrected Davyd’s blog. I’m going to delve into the thoughts and opinions of a simple bus driver. There’s no Ivy League credentials or storied political resume’, just a dude tired of being silenced. But please don’t hold it against me if some indie stuff pops up now and again. Once a writer, always a writer — it keeps coming back (kind of like herpes ;-).

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