Passover and Easter, 2022

Holy week Business and Politics

Spring has sprung here in Florida. That isn’t much of a statement because in the free state of Florida it’s spring time pretty much all year around. But it does have significance for Jews and Christians alike, for Jews it’s Passover, for Christians it’s Easter.

So, it didn’t surprise me to see a Bishop and a Rabbi being interviewed on a Saturday morning business show. I was curious about the insight these two had to offer and did what any DVR TV watcher does; I pressed record and changed the channel to a program focusing on business only.

Boy, am I glad I hit record, because when I went back to watch the segment, it explained the craziness we see in today’s political and business decisions.

The topic of discussion focused on the effect lack of religion has on human behavior relating to business and political activity. It was a fascinating discussion giving rise to a real and factual explanation for the behavior we see in today’s society. Business decisions that make no sense to a corporation’s bottom lines, social activity such as the BLM movement perpetrating the same crimes they say they are against. Politicians fomenting the defund police agenda with biased lies based on innuendo and conjecture, then demanding increased taxes to fight rising crime rates.

This just scratches the surface of idiotic and inexplicable behavior we see our politicians and civic leaders engaging in today. Just look at the entirety of the Biden Administration’s no-holds-barred ineptitude; from the Afghanistan surrender, to the border crisis, to the economy. I’m sure you could expand this list tenfold if not more.

What’s this have to do with a G-dless society? The Bishop pointed out that man does not live in a G-dless society. If there is a large group of human beings living in a social structure lacking G-d, mankind will find a substitute to fill the void. The Rabbi agreed and expanded on the idea that the opposite of belief in G-d, is Idolatry (idolizing a thing such as a statue and believing it to be G-d).

It caused me to wonder. What if you combined the two? Could you idolize a social concept, a political system? The answer is yes. In today’s modern societies, we see prime examples of political fanaticism in China, Russia, and other non-democratic nations. It’s a replacement for religion.

Organized religion isn’t without its stains of fanaticism and the Rabbi mentioned that. Just look at how radical Islam conducts itself regarding infidels.  It may even be an extension of how human faith evolves. But if we realize that, then we can see that modern Judeo-Christian religious belief has matured and evolved past the fanatic stage, offering a peaceful and loving resource to fill the human need to belong. Government is a poor substitute for G-d because government is manmade, subject to the will of men, and not divinely inspired.

Need proof? Just look at what the two leading communist world powers are doing right now.

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