Title IX, America Needs Her Schools Back

Just say NO to Biden’s Title IX rule change.

Biden’s Title IX revision opens the door to all sorts of safety concerns and sets women’s rights back to before Susan B. Anthony.

From the start, I think it’s important to keep things as simple as we can. Allowing the gobbledygook that the left uses as diversionary doubletalk just wastes time. So let’s stop allowing it. Here’s an example.

Bus Driver Calculus:

XX chromosomes equal female (XX=female).

XY chromosomes equal male (XY=male).

The math couldn’t be simpler.

Our schools are where children go to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY. When it’s time to use the restroom, they need only two choices, Boys or Girls. When they compete in sports during PE (physical education for those in Rio Linda), or try out for team sports, they need the same two choices, Boys or Girls. It has worked for eons and doesn’t need fixing.

Honestly, the fact that we’re having this conversation is strong evidence that the US Department of Education needs to go away. And there are many more US Departments in serious need of extinction too, but we’ll explore those agencies in future posts. For now, let’s just KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Jessica Anderson and Janae Stracke of Heritage Action hosted a Parental Rights Symposium. It’s taken the left years to infiltrate our schools, but we don’t have that luxury. Act now.


Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action.  (Aesthetic Images Photography.)

PS – Until you reach the age of majority, any permanent physical alterations should be illegal unless we’re talking about progressive, life-threatening diseases, like cancer. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder; it should not be treated surgically or with hormone therapy in minors.

Personally, I think this would be a good legal parameter for tattoos as well. Sixteen is too young, but that’s for another post as well.

2 thoughts on “Title IX, America Needs Her Schools Back

  1. Yes, things have changed a lot since my days in grade school years and years ago. Sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy how it once was.


  2. M,

    Thank you for your comment.

    It reminded me of the times when my parents used to reminisce about the good old days. And now, I too am guilty of the same crime. But there’s a difference. My parents never worried about anyone trying to turn their third-grade son into a chemically induced eunuch. They also never worried about an armed IRS agent knocking on their front door at 3:00 in the morning and confiscating the funds to pay for it.


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